Nawaz Sharif denies connection with Qatari Prince’s letters


ISLAMABAD: Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Thursday distanced himself from Qatari Prince Sheikh Hamad Bin Jassim Bin JaberAl-Thanin’s letters. The Sharif family had presented the letters as evidence in the Supreme Court during proceedings of the Panama case. Nawaz Sharif, while recording hisstatement in theAl-Azizia reference, said, “I have no relation with the Qatri prince’s letters.” The ousted prime minister said this while recording hisstatement for a second consecutive day before an accountability court in Islamabad. The Sharif family had submitted letters from the Qatari royal family before the SC last year. Nawaz Sharif has answered most of the 151 questions posed to him by the court in the corruption reference against him. The former prime minister made it clear that he never remained part of any transition, adding that the JIT report is unacceptable for him. He termed the JIT report a bundle of documents, except his tax return details. He said MLAwas presented as witnesses against him. He said the MLAsfrom Dubai are wrong. The former PM said it would not be true if they say they didn’t have money while they were in Saudi Arabia. The reality is that the money was arranged by his late father. Judge Arshad Malik questioned how you managed money to establish mills because when you had left the country your pocket was empty as your accounts had been freeze? Responding the question, Nawaz Sharif informed the court that that was not the first time of his accounts freezing. In 1972, his mills had been closed. Later, they were sent in exile and his Itafaq foundation had been nationalized. He said the 1999 black out has a differentstory. He, however, said he will informed the nation about facts whenever they get chance. The court adjourned the case until Friday at 9am. The former prime minister will continue recording his statement.