Kashmiris looking at the world for resolution of Kashmir issue: Farooq Haider


Nation special report
LONDON: Visiting AJK Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan has reiterated his appeal to British Parliamentarians to play their vital role in resolving the much awaited Kashmir issue and let the historians to write their names in the history of Kashmir.

Addressing a Kashmir conference organised by Jammu and Kashmir Self-Determination Movement International (JKSDMI) at the Portcullis House (parliament House), he said that Kashmir is burning and the international community is seeing it as silent spectator which is unfortunate and regrettable.

“Oppressed Kashmiris are looking at the world for their fundamental rights grabbed by India and it is the high time that the world especially those nations which believe in freedom and independence must come forward and help the helpless Kashmiri nation”, Raja Farooq Haider emphasised.

Ch. M. Yasin, (Opposition leader in AJK Assembly) and a number of British Parliamentarians of both houses attended the conference moderated by Raja Najabat Hussain, Chairman JKSDMI.

AJK Prime Minister AJK said that Human Rights violation is not an internal matter of any country. The international community should play a role to stop India for the genocide of the Kashmiri nation.

The agenda of the meeting was based on three resolutions. First, All Parties Parliamentary Group on Kashmir should organise a debate session on Kashmir issue in British Parliament through taking action on the petition submitted by JKSDMI last July. Second, to recognize the sincere services and struggle of President JKPP Late Sardar Khalid Ibrahim Khan on Kashmir and third point was to pay the tribute to the Shuda of Jammu November 6, 1947, who had sacrificed their lives for the Kashmir

Lord Nazir Ahmed while addressing during the meeting said that Kashmir Liberation Cell has not performed its duties properly and it seems that it is demolished completely.

Lord Qurban Hussain said that Kashmiri people are demanding their own rights to live as independent and sovereign nation and India has no justification to occupy their land.

Raja Najabat Hussain while talking about their future initiatives on Kashmir issue said that JKSDMI will arrange an effective debate on Kashmir within the Parliamentary heads, Political parties of Kashmir and all the stakeholders as soon as possible. He said we accept Azad Kashmir Government as a real representative of Kashmiri nation at all platforms and we support it by all means.

Ch Yaseen said that we are divided into many ways on the basis of region, caste, bradri (community) and sects. We should unite for our common cause and that is “Kashmir”.

AJK PM presented shields to Chairman APPG on Kashmir in British Parliament MP Chris Leslie, MP Debbie Abrahams, MP Ian Duncan Smith, MP Jack Brereton, MP Afzal Khan, MP Naz Shah, MP Faisal Rasheed, MP Mohammed Yaseen, Lord Nazir Ahmed and Lord Qurban Hussain in recognition of their positive efforts on Kashmir issue. PM and leader of opposition also present a shield to Raja Najabat Hussain and JKSDMI team for their work and peaceful struggle on Kashmir issue nationally and internationally.

Furthermore, all the participants of the meeting appreciated the recent fact-finding report on Kashmir that was submitted by APPG Group on Kashmir in British Parliament. Cllr Yasmin Dar, Cllr Moniba Khan, Cllr Liaqat Ali, Cllr Afzal Akram, Ch Javid Ratvi, Ch Shabbir Ratvi, Harry Boota, Tariq Butt, Abdul Wahab, Mohammed Azam, Dr Saboor Javid, Tahir Mehmood, Shahida Jarrall, Naila Khan, Talat Moughall, Bilqees Sabir, Najma Shaheen, Fozia Tanveer, Javid Akhtar, Wajid Burkey, Shahzad Saleem and others were also present in the meeting.