FBM holds events in London, other cities to remember Baloch activists


LONDON: The Free Balochistan Movement (FBM) on November 13 organized multiple events in Balochistan and abroad to commemorate Baloch martyrs who struggled and sacrificed their lives for a free, peaceful and democratic Balochistan. These meetings were held in several countries including the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, and Canada. In London, the Baloch National Movement organised a seminar to pay tributes to the activists killed by Pakistan’s army and secret services agencies. TheBaloch people have been commemorating November 13 as ‘National Remembrance Day– Baloch Martyrs Day’ for the past couple of years. This day’s significance goes back to November 13, 1839, when the British forces attacked Balochistan and killed Baloch ruler Mir Mehrab Khan Baloch and his comrades. The British then occupied and divided Balochistan into three parts by drawing arbitrary Gold Smith and Durand Lines which the Baloch nation never accepted as international borders and continued their struggle to regain independence of united Balochistan. The Baloch activists paid tribute to Mir Mehrab Khan, who instead of surrendering before the enemy forces had resisted in defense of his motherland Balochistan. Prof Hasan JananBaloch, who also attended an event organized to remember Baloch martyrs, said, “Mehrab Khan and thousands of otherBaloch men, women, elderly and children have sacrificed their lives for the bright future for our next generations. We should continue the mission of our martyrs.” In Germany’s Bielefeld City, the FBM activiststarted their event with two minutes of silence in memory of Baloch martyrs of the freedom struggle. The speakers at the event were of the view that “November 13 is not only a day to remember the martyrs but also a day to pledge that they all will continue the great mission of all those fallen ones who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of Balochistan.” If one looks closely, FBM has been regularly raising their voice for free Balochistan. On September 24 this year, the organization held a demonstration during the 73rd United Nations General Assembly (UNGA)in NewYorkCity against Pakistani and Iranian terrorism in Balochistan. During the protest, the FBM activists also highlightedChina-Pakistan nexus, wherein both states are involved in the exploitation of Balochistan’s natural resources in the name of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). InBusan city of South Korea, a protestrally was organized by the Baloch National Movement and Baloch Students Organisation, Azad, on the eve of the Baloch Martyrs Day. The protesters chanted slogans against Pakistan army’s brutalities in Balochistan. The Baloch nation has been commemorating November 13 as ‘National Remembrance Day – Baloch Martyrs Day’for past few years. The Baloch activists paid tributes to martyrs in Vancouver city of Canada as well. Naela QuadriBaloch, president ofWorld Baloch Women’s Forum, said, “Balochistan has never accepted anybody’s forceful occupation. Balochistan has always resisted against each and every kind of invasion – be it Portuguese, British, Iran or Arab. Whoever tried to forcefully occupy Balochistan, we have resisted”.