16 Parliamentarians including ministers resign over Brexit issue


LONDON: Altogether 16 members of Parliament including theministers have resigned sofar on the issue of Bexit as the 585-page draft withdrawal agreement between the UK Government and the EU sets out the proposed terms of Britain’s departure from the bloc while avoiding a sudden “cliff edge” break was disclosed onThursday. The agreement protects the rightsofEUcitizenslivingintheUK and the rights of UK nationals at the endofthe transitionperiodfollowing the UK’s withdrawalfrom the bloc.

They provide for individuals and their family members to continue to live, work orstudy asthey currently do, while maintaining their rightsto healthcare, pensions and other social security benefits. The agreement seeks to ensure a smooth winding down of the current arrangements between the EU and the UK. They range from police and judicial co-operation and data and informationsharing, to the protection of intellectual property rights and the UK’s withdrawal from Euratom, which regulatesthe nuclearindustry and safeguardsthe transport of nuclear materials. The agreement providesfor a period of transition intended to avoid a cliff-edge break and allow businesses to prepare for the new arrangements. During the transition – which will run initially until the end of 2020 –EU law will continue to apply in the UK and the UK will continue to participate in the customs union and the single market. There is a one-off option for the UK to seek an extension of the transition if negotiations on the future relationship are still continuing. The agreement establishes the mechanism by which the UK’s divorce settlement – estimated at £39 billion – is calculated. It covers budget commitments made while the UK was a member state, and ensures no other member state will be required to pay more as a result of the UK’s withdrawal. Resignations Senior Cabinet ministers including Dominic Raab and Esther McVey have resigned in protest at Theresa May’sBrexit divorce deal. The high profile exits, after Cabinet endorsed Mrs May’s deal onWednesday night,followseveral otherresignationsfromseniorministersin previous monthsincluding Boris Johnson, his brother Jo and David Davis. A vote of no confidence has been touted and rumours of more Cabinet members quitting are rife. AsthePrimeMinisterfaces continuousturmoil asshe navigates Britain’s departure from the European Union, the Standard has put together a recap on every Minister who hasresigned over Brexit far. Suella Braverman SuellaBraverman hasleft her position as a Brexit minister. She became the fourth minister on November 15 to leave and, in a letter to the PM,said: “It is with deep regret and afterreflection thatI have had to tender my resignation today as aBrexit Minister.Thank you for the opportunity. I look forward to working to supportBrexitfromthe Backbenches.This has not been an easy decision.”