Tulsi Vagiani – a symbol of courage and patience


By Faz Zia
Friends, most of the time our thoughts can be consumed by very negative towards life and we stress ourselves on very small and petty things. But if we look around and see other people then we realise that our problems and situations are nothing in-front of those who suffered a lot but are still smiling and living life with a positive attitude.

Recently I met a person whose story encourages those who thinks that life is hard for them.

Tulsi Vagjiani, 39 who is Crystal Healer Humanitarian, Inspirational Speaker, Pilates Rehabilitation Specialist, Reiki Practitioner, Rotarian and a great example for many of us.

I had an interview with her where she spoke about her life journey.

Q: Tell us about yourself?

Tulsi: I am a plane crash, burns and most importantly a life survivor. I am a Humanitarian, motivational speaker, Pilates rehabilitation specialist, Reiki practitioner and a Rotarian.
Q: Describe your life in few words?

Tulsi: Having lost my parents and brother at the age of 10, life changed overnight filled with uncertainty and loneliness. I sustained 45%burns to my face and body and I had no self-confidence or self-worth. I felt ugly and unattractive. My time in school was great but it was the bullying to and from school and hospital which was unbearable.

I tried to get through it without a fuss or reporting it. I suffered in silence. I felt ashamed of my story, looks and failures. What I didn’t know was that these were the making of me.

Q: How did you cope with your ups and down in life?

Tulsi: I began to share my story and this empowered me to take away the negative connotations associated with my upbringing and experiences.

I turned to spirituality to help me answer some questions which I couldn’t find on the outside.

It has given me a lot of peace and love in my heart. I had built up many barriers as I didn’t allow anyone close to me.

They would leave me or hurt me, but what I didn’t realise was that I was the one hurting myself. I was living a lie and it didn’t feel right.

Q: How do you get over any negative thoughts?

The more confident I have become the less these negative emotions and thoughts invade my mind space.

I meditate daily and have always lived in the present so I don’t take on stress. I fulfil my time with all the things I love and want to empower. My purpose is to empower and share my story to help people to live in their own truth and take ownership of who they are. Live their life to the fullest and not for others.

We have all her conditioned if not by our families, culture, traditions or even society/communities, but why live a life of limitation when we can live if limitless with abundance, truth and divine love.

Q:  I am talking about mental health issues please share your thoughts.

your purpose of life?

Tulsi: Fundementally, I believe we all have a choice, even if our choice doesn’t feel like a choice. I was always a positive person but I never quite knew it until I was faced with ‘negative’ situations and I chose to view it with positive and a reason for growth rather than hindrance.

It is all about changing mindsets and taking self-responsibility which frees us from judgement and approval from others.

Having grown up in a south Asian community, my thinking and behaviour was conditioned which almost seems inheritant. I was so consumed in my mind with negativity and ‘other people’. This lead me up depression. I put on vast amount of weight, day by day and year after year I felt useless and felt lonely. I couldn’t understand my purpose in life and if this is it then I might as well end it all. The depression was a very
Lonely place to be however I also never gave it away to anyone that I was suffering inside. It wasn’t easy to speak to family or friends as I was so frightened of being judged and also useless because I could not cope with my life changing scars and loss.

During this transition of thoughts and emotions I focused on invisible scars. I learnt we all have them. We all have w mental health just like we have physical health yet why is one more stigmatised than the other? How many more people must suffer like me? Lonely in their thoughts or situation, we need to speak more and create awareness rather ignore it.

Q, What is your message to other people who can disappoint and fed up with small things in life also something to say on women empowerment.

Tulsi: I feel very strong about empowerment because with this we will more acceptance and understanding. We all need to know that we are not alone and certainly not suffering anything unique as universally we all have the same emotions and born with love in our heart but have been misguided.
Aside sharing my story globally, my focus at the moment is to educate a young child from early primary up to college level, not just academia but spiritual empowerment so that they have the ability to pay it forward. They have the power to influence their family, community and peers to make positive changes in their lives.

We all are so easily consumed in being victims because of our egos, but there is a lot more depth to us humans than our superficial layers.

What we cannot control, let it go and let’s be kind to ourselves and find our self-love so we can also spread that globally.

Everyone is fighting a battle we cannot always see, let’s be more understand and be kind. With this, time people can grow. In life we can only plant a positive seed, with love, kindness and experiences can this seed grow into strong trees.

Be the change you want to see in this world and we can only start with ourselves. May God bless Tulsi more courage to tackle all odds and be an example for others.