Justice will prevail in Khashoggi death; promises Prince Mohammad


RIYADH: Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman pledged on Wednesday. “Justice will prevail” in the death of Jamal Khashoggi and no one will be allowed to drive a wedge between Saudi Arabia and Turkey.
Khashoggi’s killing was the first issue the crown prince raised after he strode on to the stage at the Future Investment Initiative conference in Riyadh.“The incident was very painful for all Saudis. I believe it is painful for every human in the world. It was a repulsive incident, and no one can justify it,” Prince Mohammed said.

The crown prince said Saudi Arabia and Turkey would work together to reach results in their joint investigation into Khashoggi’s death, and he described cooperation between the two countries as special. “There are now those who are trying to take advantage of this painful situation to create a rift between the Kingdom and Turkey,” he said.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the order to murder Jamal Khashoggi came from “the highest levels” of the Saudi government Friday as he promised no let-up in the hunt for his killers.

A month on from Khashoggi’s murder in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Erdogan said he did “not believe for a second” that King Salman was to blame.

But he pointedly failed to absolve Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of responsibility for unleashing a “death squad” against the outspoken Saudi journalist whose death has badly tainted the kingdom’s de facto ruler.

Khashoggi’s sons

The sons of murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi have asked Saudi authorities to return the body of their father so the family can properly grieve, they told CNN in an interview that aired Sunday.

Khashoggi was killed inside the kingdom’s consulate in Istanbul by a team sent from Riyadh on October 2, a murder Turkey’s president said was ordered from “the highest levels” of Saudi Arabia’s government.

“I really hope that whatever happened wasn’t painful for him, or it was quick. Or he had a peaceful death,” Abdullah Khashoggi told the US network during the interview in Washington.

The sons said they have faith in Saudi Arabia’s King Salman’s promise that those responsible will be brought to justice. Speaking to CNN on Sunday, Salah Khashoggi said: “The King has stressed that everybody will be brought to justice. And I have faith in that.”

The Washington Post columnist disappeared on Oct. 2 after visiting the Saudi Arabian embassy in Turkey, it was later revealed that he had been murdered and 18 Saudi officials were arrested.

“I really hope that whatever happened wasn’t painful for him, or it was quick. Or he had a peaceful death,” Salah’s brother, Abdullah told the US network during the interview in Washington. All what we want right now is to bury him in Al-Baqi in Medina with the rest of his family,” Salah added.

Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal

Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal in an interview with Fox Business on Sunday said he believed Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman would be “vindicated and exonerated” in the wake of a probe into journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s murder.

He called on Saudi Arabia to make the investigation into Khashoggi’s killing public, saying that it would fully vindicate Prince Salman who he described as a “true reformer”.

In the exclusive interview with Maria Bartiromo on ‘Sunday Morning Futures’, Prince Al-Waleed said: “You have to understand Jamal was not only my friend, he was working with me. What took place in that Saudi consulate was clearly horrific, despicable and tragic, and I believe that Saudi Arabia is going to get to the bottom of it, but please, you have to give us some time until the investigation is done and made public by the government of Saudi Arabia.”