Pakistan needs investments not donations: Governor Imran Ismail


LONDON: While appreciating the important role of overseas Pakistanis, Governor Sindh and central leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf, Imran Ismail has invited them to invest in various ongoing projects in Pakistan and to contribute in making home land prosper, developed and stable. “PTI Government does not believe in donations but offer you projects for investment. In this professional way, you will invest, will earn profit and will serve the country”, he stated.

Addressing a reception hosted in his honour by PTI-UK leader Sahebzada Jahangir at Pavilion (east London) on Tuesday, he said that due to devastating policies of PML-N and PPP governments in the past, country’s economy has been shattered and infact, the country is going through a severe economic crisis. “Your investment at this critical juncture would absolutely be a significant contribution for which the countrymen would be grateful to you”, he emphasised.

“I am in Britain not for asking you the donations but to narrate the country’s condition and request you to support the PTI Government by investing in fields of your choice”. I had several meetings with local entrepreneurs and investors and briefed them about the ample opportunities of investment in Pakistan”.

Governor Imran Ismail said that Pakistan is a country of all resources. We are not short of any required thing to be a developed and progressive country but the way, two previous governments had looted the national exchequer and other resources had made country compelled to approach IMF, other international and friendly countries for the financial assistance.

Referring the law and order situation in Karachi and other areas, Governor Imran Ismael said that overall situation is very satisfactory and much better than other disturbed cities of the world infamous for chaos and lawlessness.

The host Sahebzada Jahangir heavily criticised the opponents of Imran Khan and PTI Government and said these people are infact not the enemies of Imran Khan but the worst enemies of Pakistan. “They don’t want Pakistan a prosper and stable country. Their ulterior

motives are only to loot the national wealth, hide in foreign countries and run away from Pakistan.

Another prominent PTI leader Aneel Musarrat mentioned in his speech a number of ongoing projects and appealed the audience to go to Pakistan and invest in these profitable schemes. “Housing project of five million units is a huge and unprecedented scheme which will cater the need of housing in Pakistan”, he said.

Other PTI leaders including Mian Waheed-ur-Rehman, Akram Dhareja, Imran Choudhary, Dr. Naheed, Shehnaz Siddiqui, Nasir Meer addressed the event while Ch. Dilpazeer and M. Zubair recited the revolutionary poems. Aslam Boota moderated the proceedings.