Masood Khan urges to prepare comprehensive water policy


ISLAMABAD: AJK President Masood Khan said that India is not an upper riparian state, it is an occupier of the people, waters and land of one part of Jammu and Kashmir and therefore calls itself an upper riparian.

He made these remarks while speaking at the book launch ceremony of the book Hydro-Diplomacy: Preventing Water War Between Nuclear-Armed Pakistan and India authored by Ashfaq Mahmood, former federal secretary, Water and Power, and published by IPS Press – the publishing arm of the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS), Islamabad.

President Masood Khan said that the author has identified the key ingredients for the success of hydro-diplomacy, which he said were building mutual trust, third-party intercession, the commitment of the leadership and expert knowledge-based approach.

The President said that the book also identifies the Indus Water Treaty’s many loopholes and limitations. The limitations, he said, including groundwater, desertification, ecological impact, water quality, and flora and fauna, which in the long run has led to numerous problem.

President Khan said that the issue of water scarcity and a shortage is a reality that does not exclusively pertain to the shortfalls of the IWT. He said that Pakistan is a water scarce country and the situation will worsen till 2025 if drastic steps are not taken.

The President informed that the key issue of tension between Pakistan and India, is Kashmir. Till date, he said, India has not accepted the creation of Pakistan and the fact that the people of Jammu and Kashmir wanted to be a part of Pakistan. He said that for India; Kashmir and water are interlinked.

The event was also addressed by Ambassador (r) Shafqat Kakakhel, Mirza Hamid Hasan, former secretary, Water and Power and the chairman of IPS’ steering committee on Water, Energy & Climate Change, DG-IPS Khalid Rahman and the author Ashfaq Mahmood. The book launch was attended by senior bureaucrats, academics, scholars, and researchers.