Sahibzada Jahangir relinquishes his official position following denigration


ISLAMABAD: The prominent businessman and President of PTI, (UK and Europe) Chapter,

Sahibzada Jahangir has decided to give up his prestigious portfolio especially assigned by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

According to a notification issued on 15th October by the Cabinet Division, the prime minister had appointed Sahibzada Amir Jahangir as a special assistant on foreign investments. The notification said that Mr Jahangir’s term as the prime minister’s special assistant had begun on Oct 11.

Mr Jahangir had been serving as a senior adviser to Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) chairman on foreign trade, investment and development. He is also head of the PTI’s chapters for Britain and Europe.

However, on Wednesday Mr Jah­a­n­gir expressed regrets and anno­unced that he would not be assisting the prime minister owing to the severe criticism levelled at him by opposition parties and other people active on social media.

In a tweet, he said: “To work to attract foreign investments. I cannot permit any controversy and problems for my prime minister. Therefore I have decided to voluntarily withdraw from the assignment, though in my private capacity I will continue to bring foreign investments to Pakistan.”

“I am honoured as the prime minister trusted in me by appointing me as special adviser for foreign investments. It is an honorary assignment. I decided not to [take] salary or benefits. However, fake allegations and media propaganda to malign my character and dignity could affect my performance,” he added.

Political observers condemn the criticism against Sahibzada Jahangir as a campaign of character assassination and termed it uncalled campaign of character assassination.

Aneel Musarrat

Meanwhile, property tycoon Aneel Musarrat has reacted saying; “I salute Sahibzada Jahangir   for stepping down as the Special Adviser to Prime Minister in order to avoid any form of controversy. It is better not to let anyone take impression that the PTI Government is following the same policy of nepotism as carried out by previous regimes and ultimately collapsed.

“We shall continue to support PTI Government and our Prime Minister Imran Khan for the betterment of our beloved homeland and official portfolios will never matter in our sincere zeal and passion”, he added.