Theresa May warned at least 40 Tory MPs won’t back deal


LONDON: Ex-Brexit minister Steve Baker has warned Theresa May “at least 40” Tory MPs are poised to vote against any deal she agrees based on her Chequers plan. He said there were around 80 Tories opposed to the PM’s current approach and Conservative whips “would be doing well” to reduce the number by half.

He predicted that “every possible technique” would be used to put pressure on rebellious Conservatives.

According to BBC report, Parliament is to vote on the terms of Brexit ahead of the UK’s 29 March exit. MPs have been promised a “meaningful vote” this autumn on the terms of the UK’s separation from the EU as well as the framework of future economic relations with the bloc.

Talks between the two sides are entering a critical phase in the hope that an agreement can be struck by the middle of November at the latest. Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab is expected to brief MPs later on developments since last month’s Salzburg summit, when EU leaders rebuffed the PM’s plan for a free trade zone for manufactured and agricultural goods, underpinned by a common rule book, and a combined customs territory.