Sharman Joshi – a successful star in chaotic Bollywood


By Faz Zia
As we officially start with the winter but this year the weather was really pumped up with the hot temperatures but after all the Summer in London is always a beautiful time, tourists all over the world come to London to indulge in city life and enjoy their holidays. We can see many Bollywood actors on the streets of London, where they can freely walk around and catch up on quality time with their family and loved ones.

I had a brief chat with another very fine and humble actor Sharman Joshi. How can anyone forget Raju Rastogi of 3 Idiots, although he made his acting career in the 1999 film ‘Godmother,’ he then made an entrance as a main character in the film ‘Style’ followed by another hit movie ‘Rang de Basanti.’
Mumbai is a magical city, a dreamland because of the film industry. Many come with their dreams and work hard to establish them within the chaotic industry, some of them make their dreams in reality and some still carry on dreaming.
Sharman Joshi came from an artistic family, but family can not make a star. The path may become a little easier if you have family in the industry or some links but only hard work and luck works and that happens with Sharman Joshi his sheer hard work made him a star.
Here is our conversation with him.
Q: You are from an artistic family, have you always wanted to be an actor?
Joshi: Yes I always wanted to be one but I kept my options in mind, either a lawyer or be a business man that was a plan b. I work towards becoming an actor and I wanted to make sure that I knew the craft fully, I went to college, did theatre, plays and one year professional theatre. It was a clear in my thoughts that this should be my career and thankfully things worked out fairly well.
Q: Is theatre your first love?
Joshi: Yes, as an actor for sure I love theatre because of the live audience and their immediate reaction, it is very challenging and exciting because there is no retake.
Q: Do you think that the industry took you seriously after Rang de Basanti?
Joshi: Yes, possibly Rang de Basanti then Golmaal happened and 3 Idiots back to back so then people recognised my acting abilities.
Q: You won IIFA for Raju Rastogi (3 Idiots) as a supporting actor, were you expecting it?
Joshi: I don’t really take these awards seriously so I am happy to got an award and I gladly accepted, but in my mind it is not much value.
Q: Tell us about your new upcoming film Kaashi which is releasing soon.
Joshi: Kaashi is based in Banaras and is a psychological thriller. I found the script very exciting and the way it came out is great. We all are very happy and thrilled with it. Banaras being the backdrop of the film gives it so much character as people say this is oldest city alive and the kind of film Kaashi is it give that much more dept and substance playing a backdrop of a story. It all worked out very well and now I am looking forward to getting the audience reaction.

My character has been extremely challenging in terms of getting the body language right hence when i was due to shoot in Banaras for the same I make sure to reached the city days ahead of the cast so I could spend hours at the ghaat and understand the people and how they worked and carried themselves,” i just wanted to make sure the city like outlook did not get into my character I wanted to be as authentic as one good I wanted people to feel the my pain feel the character I portrayed I wanted to do this for myself so i felt i justified the look and was content with what i brought on  to screen.”
Q: Tell us about your play on Broadway ‘The play that goes wrong’ because it is a very famous play in London and that has won best new comedy award in 2015 (Laurence Olivier). How do you expect the Indian audience to receive this play?
Joshi: I am very glad that I have rights of the play,  it was presented in July and the show was houseful and getting very positive feedback from the audience and things coming up good with the love of people because I have seen the play many times and all age groups did enjoyed the play.
Q: What is in the pipeline for you?
Joshi: There is a movie coming up end of this year ‘Bablu bachelor’ it is a romantic comedy and one other film Charlie Chohan shoot will start in September in the UK.

We wish him all the best for his theatre play and upcoming films.