Shameless tragedy of 4-year old Shahryar Ahmed




Whenever we travel anywhere we check before we travel in regards to how safe the country is and how we can enjoy our time there. Mostly people prefer to go and visit their relatives and friends back home during school holidays. Recently I came across a BBC report which was done by my dear friend, Shabnam Mahmood, and I sought her permission to get points from her report to create some awareness within the community and to get help and support to a family which was bought to my attention.

The story is of a four year old boy Shahryar Ahmed who was kidnapped and murdered in Pakistan in 2014 and his father who is a taxi driver lives in Scotland and is still seeking justice and as usual police in Pakistan saying they are doing their “best”. The father and the whole family are devastated, he says he has sought the help of local MP, Stephen Kerr, who recently raised the issue in the House of Commons and had a good response from the foreign secretary. Even the BBC has been in contact with police in Pakistan and the police have responded that there has been no prosecution as yet but they have put their best officers on the case.

When I spoke to this father to find out what happened he was in tears as he was telling me his story. His son was in Faisalabad with his mum and grandparents and a little girl came and asked his son to play outside, they did not allow him to play outside but she insisted the second time and the grandmother allowed him to go but that was the trap from kidnappers to bring him outside and then they took him. I asked the father why they kidnapped his and the reply was because of money as his wife works for the bank there. After a few hours the search begun and a few of them told him that they saw the little boy with the neighbour which rented the property on the street and had a criminal record. The parents went to the police with evidence but the police did not take any action, they protested on the street and then they found the clothes of the kid and found out that the little boy was murdered and buried as an unknown body.

After hearing this story, as a parent or just an empathic human being, it is heart breaking. How can you take someone’s child and then murder the child? How is the murderer walking free on the street? Where is the justice? This happened four years ago and people know who did this horrific crime but the police and law is not doing anything!

I even advised the father that nowadays the Chief Justice is very active and he will help you but he said that he already wrote a letter but it is all drama and he has no faith on law, police or judiciary system. A broken father is fighting his own battle.

I request the authorities that for a parent losing a child it is already a nightmare but to live with the feeling that justice is not done and the murderers are walking free is not acceptable. This innocent child needs justice as soon as!!

I was just checking the security issues and what a foreigner who wants to visit Pakistan can read before travel. I think it is normal practise for any person if they want to visit a new country they will Google the security, safety, weather, law, culture and many other things.  It was shocking to see on the site what was written about Pakistan:

“Be aware of the risk of street crime and take sensible measures to protect yourself and your belongings. Take particular care of your passport, bankcards, bags, jewellery, laptop and mobile, especially on public transport, when travelling to and from the airport and in crowded areas including markets. There is an active black market in forged and stolen passports. Credit card fraud is common.

British nationals of Pakistani origin have been targeted by criminals, including kidnappers, as they are often perceived as being wealthier than locals. Much of Balochistan, rural Sindh and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, including the Federally Administered Tribal Areas and Agencies, have a high level of lawlessness.

The Pakistan authorities currently advise that “all foreigners, including diplomats may not move out of their city of residence without proper security and without prior co-ordination with the law enforcement agency”. This requirement has not been rigorously enforced, but you should consider informing local authorities of any travel plans, and be prepared to be stopped and challenged by officials, who may instruct you to turn around.

If you travel to any of the regions listed below, you or your travel company should contact the local authorities in advance to check the local security situation. They may arrange police protection as necessary and will advise whether you need a No Objection Certificate issued by the Pakistani Ministry of Interior.

There are high levels of violence in Karachi. The city is vulnerable to serious violent ethnic conflict between different communities. Criminal and political violence is also common including armed carjacking, robbery, kidnap and murder. Strikes called by various religious and political parties cripple the city and regularly produce violent civil unrest.

It’s difficult to predict the safety of daily activity. Ref “

The above has been taken and quoted from the website, if you wanted to go Pakistan and read the above security issues what would you think? The safety and security should be priority for the people.