New non-stop Lahore -Faisalabad train, 10 new passenger, 12 freight trains to be run in 100 days


LAHORE: Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad has inaugurated Lahore to Faisalabad new non-stop train. While talking to media men after inauguration of Lahore to Faisalabad new non-stop train on Monday, federal minister said that they will continue to run modern trains for poor people besides bringing improvement in present trains.

Ten new passenger trains and 3 new goods trains will be launched within the first 100 –day plan of incumbent government, sheikh claimed.

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rasheed discussing railway affairs and other issues with Prime Minister Imran Khan at latter’s office. PM Special Assistant Naeem-ul-Haq is also present at the meeting.

He further said that we will also increase the number of train passengers as we are deliberating to sell train tickets at low price to those who have booked it on time against those who have booked it later.

Federal Minister said that he will request overseas Pakistanis to gift special railway instruments to run trains at their fixed speeds during foggy days.

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad Monday said 10 new passenger trains would be run in 100 days, besides putting 12 more trains on freight side. He said the Pakistan Railways (PR) was making efforts to increase the number of passengers from 50 million to 70 million and freight trains from eight to twelve.
The minister said the Pakistan Railways would recover its dues worth billions of rupees from the public and private persons / entities at the earliest. The department, he said, was going to sign a contract with Saeed Soigal and Mr Yahya for transportation of another 50,000 tons of coal. This contract, which would be valid till 2021, would generate Rs 1.2 billion revenue per annum, he added.
He said the Pakistan Railways owned 15 oil depots to fuel its engines with an annual expenditure of Rs 14 billion, which would be enhanced to Rs 18 billion. The current management, however, had decided to carry out an immediate audit of all the oil depots and the Pakistan Railways would hopefully be able to save Rs 1 to 2 billion.
Things would be cleared after the audit report and any officer or official found involved in corruption would be dismissed from the service, he added.
In addition to improving the broad-guage track, he said, the Pakistan Railways had also decided to lay a new track of standard guage from Karachi to Peshawar because the 120 km per hour ruts were no more effective for running the modern day trains.
Prepaid electricity meters would be installed on all 70,000 residences of the railway staff, he added.