Imran Khan and Tayyip Erdogan leaders of the current century; says Bushra Bibi


ISLAMABAD: Describing Prime Minister Imran Khan and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as “leaders of the current century” First Lady Bushra Bibi on Thursday expressed her belief that Imran Khan, who was committed to bring about a real change in the lives of people, would turn Pakistan into an ideal country.
“He (Prime Minister Imran Khan) is not a politician, but a leader. Leaders change the destinies of masses…, Imran Khan and Tayyip Erdogan are leaders of this century like Quaid-e-Azam in the last century,” Bushra Bibi said in her maiden interview with a private television channel (Hum News).
She said the country was fortunate to have a leader like Imran Khan who did not think of himself, but of the country and its people. “Khan Sahib wants to do something good for this country and the poor people,” she remarked.
The First Lady wondered over how the leaders of opposition parties were reacting and raising questions about the promised change only after a month the PTI government took charge. “How the change can come in a month. Imran Khan does not have a magic wand,” she remarked.
To a question about the country’s future, Bushra Bibi expressed her strong conviction that Imran Khan – a leader who always thinks about the betterment of masses, would take Pakistan forward on the path of socio-economic development and prosperity.
To another question, the First Lady agreed that there was a strong opposition in the parliament, but expressed her confidence that despite all odds, Prime Minister Imran Khan, who has no greed for personal gains, would sail out of difficulties with the blessings of Allah Almighty.
To a question Bushra Bibi said, “People think that I have changed Khan Sahib, but I would say, we both have changed ourselves due to each other.” She spoke very high of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s person and said nobody could talk against him.
Bushra Bibi said Imran Khan was very concerned about Pakistan and its people and recalled that recently she found Khan Sahib walking in the lawn of their residence at night and he was worried about the dry weather spell the country was facing. She said Imran Khan was a simple and straightforward man and did not even bother about his dressing.
About her life-style and veiling, Bushra Bibi said, nobody had the right to discuss her personal life and lifestyle. “We are Muslims and living in an Islamic country. I do not understand why people talk about my veiling,” she remarked saying “My veil is my identity.”

Bushra Bibi said, “Everyone says I brought change in Imran Khan’s life, but the reality is that change came in both of us due to each other. “Before marrying Imran Khan, people would visit me to seek guidance to be close to Allah Almighty and Prophet (PBUH) but now people come to seek her help to become close to Khan sahib.”

To a question, the First Lady said she did not have any account on social media handles like Twitter or Facebook and any such accounts were fake ones.
About her recent visits to an Old House, and an Orphans House in Lahore, Bushra Bibi said she was very perturbed over the condition in which the old people and orphans were living in those facilities and she even could not sleep comfortably for a few days.
Afterwards, the First Lady said, those facilities were visited by relevant high officials and she was informed about the improvements there.
Bushra Bibi vowed to continue to work hard for the socio-economic betterment of such poor, under-privileged and neglected segments of the society. She also sought the help of media in identifying these social issues so that she could work more vigorously to bring in a change in the lives of such deserving people.


9 things that Bushra Bibi said…


Bushra Bibi, who is the third wife of Pakistan PM Imran Khan, in her interview, talked about her relationship with Imran Khan and Allah.

From visiting old houses to orphanages, Bushra Bibi shared her experience of going to places as the First Lady of Pakistan. She also cleared the rumours of how she threw out Imran Khan’s dog.

  1. Bushra Bibi started her exclusive interview with Pakistani anchor Nadeem Malik by talking about how she met Imran Khan. Bushra Bibi, who was the spiritual mentor of Imran Khan before becoming his wife, talked about how Imran Khan and her connection with Sufism brought them together.
  2. Talking about Imran’s nature, he revealed that Imran Khan is a very simple man. She said that even though he is a famous personality, he doesn’t care about his appearance and clothes that much.
  3. Talking about his food habits, Bushra Bibi revealed that Imran Khan doesn’t ask for anything special and has a very simple lifestyle. When the anchor asked about his preferences, she said that he likes to eat chicken.
  4. She emphasised quite heavily on the fact that Imran Khan is not a greedy man and that he just wants to do something for poor and needy people of Pakistan.
  5. Bushra Bibi also criticised a handful of people who were bad-mouthing Khan for not doing anything in the first month itself. She said that he doesn’t have a “magic wand” and cannot repair everything in a whim. She said people should be thankful for him as their PM.
  6. Talking about visiting places as the First Lady, she revealed that she wasn’t able to offer prayers and eat properly after she came back from her visits. Bushra Bibi said that conditions of government orphanages and old-age homes were pathetic.
  7. Bushra Bibi, talking about her appearance said, “My veil doesn’t define that I am not modern. I should be judged on the basis of my personality, not my face.”
  8. Bushra Bibi also denied the rumours of the reason behind her marriage with Imran. There were many reports by various media houses that said that Bushra Bibi married Imran Khan after she had a dream. The rumours said that the Prophet Muhammed had asked her to marry Imran for the betterment of his life and the country’s condition.
  9. She also said that the situation of Pakistan will be improved soon. She also said that Imran Khan has changed things in hours instead of days. She said that she is hopeful for the betterment of the country.