Lord Ahmed holds meetings with Imran Khan, Sardar Masood and Mashal Mullick in Islamabad


Suggests Mashal should be appointed as chairperson of Kashmir Committee
ISLAMABAD: Lord Nazir Ahmed has said that he will raise the Kashmir issue at the House drawing the attention of all-party members to condemn the brutalities of Indian forces and arrogant attitude of Indian leadership.

 In support of visiting British parliamentarian, AJK President Sardar Masood Khan asked India to resolve Kashmir issue through peaceful means and abstain from creating jingoism by issuing irresponsible and provocative statements. “Hurling threats at Pakistan and talking of war by Indian political and military leaders is tantamount to playing with fire,” he added.

They were addressing a joint press conference in Islamabad on Tuesday (25th September). Earlier, he held a meeting with Prime Minister Imran Khan at his residence Bani Gala and discussed various issues.

Lord Ahmed said that the strength of Kashmiri diaspora in Britain is great source of inspiration and support to highlight the Kashmir issue at international platforms and we Parliamentarians of Kashmir origin can play a pivotal role in this regard. “We take the Kashmir issue as a question of life and death and would continue raising this imbroglio in both houses of Parliament. I shall put this concerning matter at the floor of House of Lords soon after my return”, Lord Ahmed promised.

Lord Nazir Ahmed expressed his gratitude to President AJK for hosting the APPKG delegation and also for coming to the APPKG sessions to record his testimony on the human rights situation in ‘IOK’. He strongly condemned the provocative statements issued by the Indian government and the Indian army chief. He added that the statements come at a time when the Hindutva groups are pressurizing the Indian government and is raising tensions in Kashmir in order to divert attention from the human rights violations taking place in ‘IOK’.

Lord Nazir urged the UN Security Council to take note of the threatening statements issued by India and convene an emergency session in order to pacify the growing tensions in the region.

He further said that Indian ruling party Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) including terrorist groups like Rashtriya Sawayamsevak Sangh (RSS) were promoting the ‘Hindutva’ doctrine to cruelty and religio-ethnic discrimination.

Sardar Masood Khan

AJK President said; “Pakistan and people of Kashmir want to resolve Kashmir issue through political and diplomatic means and by peacefully exercising their internationally recognized right to self-determination”.

Terming Pakistan’s offer of dialogues to India as an important opening to resolve lingering Kashmir issue, AJK President said the short-witted leadership of India lost this chance by not availing the proposition. Describing people of Jammu and Kashmir as peace-loving, he said India was responding the legitimate demand of the Kashmiris right to self-determination – a right guaranteed to them by UN Security Council Resolutions – with guns, bullets, deaths and destruction.

“India neither talks to Pakistan nor Kashmiris and also creating hurdles for the United Nations and its Military Observer Group stationed in IOK. He said that inhumane atrocities, oppression and gross violation of human rights in Indian Occupied Kashmir and now open threats of war with Pakistan by Indian army chief has exposed India before the world.

Referring to the report by United Nations’ Human Rights Commission, President said it was an important development at global level as the report has once again acknowledged the legitimacy of Kashmiri people’s struggle for their right to self-determination and has comprehensively listed gross human rights violations taking place in IOK.

Terming the recent visit of the British Parliament’s All-Party Parliamentary Kashmir Group delegation headed by Labour MP Chris Leslie to AJK as another important milestone, President Sardar Masood Khan said that the visit will significantly highlight the abuses of human rights in Occupied Kashmir and will also provide the Parliamentarians firsthand knowledge on the complexities of the Kashmir issue.

He said an important international conference on Kashmir is going to be held at Brussels in the coming week; while the Human Rights Committee of the European Parliament is also working on a report to highlight the state of human rights in Kashmir. The report would be submitted to European Parliament in the months to come, he added.

Mashal Mullick

Addressing a joint press conference with Mashal Mullick, wife of Yasin Malik, Lord Ahmed proposed that Prime Minister Imran Khan should appoint a Kashmiri individual as chairman of Special Kashmir Committee like Mishal Malik to highlight the Kashmir issue at international forums.

Mishal Malik said that Indian government and Army are on the same page for crushing the right of self-determination of Kashmiris. She proposed to Pakistan’s leadership for calling All Parties Conference (APC) on recent Indian attitude for not accepting Pakistan’s invitation for dialogue to resolve the issues in peaceful manner.

She condemned the Indian Army Chief threat to spoiling peace in the region. “The Indians do not want peace in the region and not giving due right of freedom to Kashmiris”, she said adding that Indian government should review their approach towards minorities and protect their rights and accept them as Indian citizen.

She also proposed to Pakistan’s leadership for calling All Parties Conference (APC) on recent Indian attitude for not accepting Pakistan’s invitation for dialogue to resolve the issues in a peaceful manner.

Mishal condemned the Indian atrocities and brutalities for crushing freedom struggle of Kasmiris. “India has started proxy war against Pakistan through Afghanistan for creating disturbance and interference in internal matter of Pakistan”, she added.

Meeting with Imran Khan

Lord Nazir Ahmed held a meeting with Prime Minister Imran Khan at Bani Gala on Thursday (20th September). While discussing various issues related to overseas Pakistanis, Nazir Ahmed suggested abolishing the Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF) and this ‘white elephant’ is a burden on national exchequer.

Lord Ahmed offered full support to PTI Government and its various projects for making ‘Naya Pakistan’. “I shall speak on your success and development projects at House of Lords and on other platforms”, he assured.