Secret behind Kohli- Anushka pleasing marriage


MUMBAI: Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli have a strong marriage for a reason. Anushka Sharma has some useful advice for married couples.

Speaking at an event the actor explained how she and the cricketer find time for each other: “We try to create a proper work-life balance. Both of us really love doing what we do professionally. Our priorities are very clear in life. But at the same time, we try and find time to do something together. We don’t take our professions or our career too seriously.”

While they are stars in their own fields and have fans galore, Anushka says that the two are grounded. “We don’t draw our identity only from that,” she said. “We are very simple and like doing normal things. For the world, it is about our professions. But in reality, it is just normal. It is as normal as anyone would be in a relationship. We don’t see each other in terms of our profession.” The lovebirds tied the knot in December last year.