Over 7,000 overseas Pakistanis got registered as voters for I-voting


ISLAMABAD: Only 7, 410 Pakistanis working in more than 70 countries in the world got themselves registered with the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to vote in the upcoming by-elections. The by-elections are being held in 37 constituencies of national and provincial assemblies on October 14, sources said on Wednesday. As per details, more than 4,000 Pakistanis working in Gulf States and over 3,000 oversees living in European countries got themselves registered during the given time period. A total of Rs120 million will be spent on oversees voting and Rs16,000 will be spent on each Pakistan nations who costs vote through internet voting system. The registration turnout remained low as millions of Pakistanis are settled in more than 74 countries in the world and only few thousands got registration. Earlier, the Election Commission of Pakistan had initiated registration process in order to give right of vote to oversees Pakistanis living abroad. The registration was completed on September 17. According to details, only 7,410 oversees’ Pakistanis took part in the registration which is very low. The registration was made in 23 constituencies and in this way, 100 voters got themselves registered in each constituency. Registration wise, United Arab Emirate (UAE) remained on the top, from where, a total of 1,993 Pakistanis got themselves registered, 1,679 got themselves registered from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 975 from UK, 408 from Canada, 390 from America, 295 from Qatar, 257 from Australia, 166 from Kuwait, 164 from Bahrian, 144 from Oman, 130 from Italy, 89 from Spain, and 66 from Germany. Similarly, 50 Pakistanis working in Malaysia got themselves registered to the ECP, 49 from France, 47 from Ireland, 38 from Sweden, 19 from News Land, 18, 18 each from Japan and China, 17 from Holland, 16, 16 each from Singapore, Switzerland and 11 Pakistanis living in Turkey got themselves registered. According to documents available with Online, 10, 10 each from Hong Kong and Portugal while registration turnout from more than 46 countries remained below the double digit. In constituency wise, NA243 Karachi remained on the top as the registered turnout remained highest as 1,353 overseas Pakistanis got themselves registered in this constituency. Likewise, 1,126 got themselves registered in NA131 Lahore, 698 in NA-69 Gujrat, 641 in NA-53 Islamabad, 567 in NA-60 Rawalpindi, 510 in NA-124 Lahore, 321 in NA63 Rawalpindi and 312 in NA65 Chakwal.