Tulsi Kumar – an attractive melodious voice


By Faz zia
London is buzzing with the melodious voice as Tulsi Kumar is here in London. The playback singer behind many beautiful songs such as “Tu Kabhi Soch An Sake” from Airlift. I met her and interviewed her at the IIFA last year in New York where she won the award and currently she is London for her first concert with Guru Randhwa.

I couldn’t miss the chance to interview her again for our Nation newspaper readers and she was as usual very humble and gave time to tell us about her UK tour and new tracks.
Q:  Tell us about your visit to UK and how excited are you for your shows?
TK:  Well this is my first UK tour performing alongside Guru Randhawa, I am super excited and I have already done two shows, one in Gravesend and the other at the O2 indigo. We received a tremendous response with sold out shows, it has been great and awesome to see Bollywood music reach fans all over the world. As I was singing the audience were singing and dancing with us and this excited me about all my upcoming shows . There are many surprises in the show for my Punjabi audience, some mashups and also my hit songs.
Q:  What is your signature style?
TK: I think my soulful tracks which I am known for like Tum jo aye and Soch na sake. My forte is slow melodious, romantic numbers although I have fast beat songs as well like Tama Tama and Nacha gayeh but I enjoy more soulful tracks.
Q:  You have millions of hits, more then 130m views for Raat Kamal hai, Satyamevajayte and Tere Jaisa. How does this feel ?
TK: With Guru I collaborated with Raat hai Kamal which reached to 150m views, it feels awesome when your music reaches this point. My recent tracks in Sateyemevate, “Pani yu Sa” with Aatif Aslam has gained 73 million views in a month and the other song “Tere Jaisa” gained 30 million views. That was actually a challenging song for me because I haven’t done Sofi songs before, I have done many romantic and slow numbers but Sofi and that zone of a song was a personal song, it is good to see music being loved so much.
Q: What is your take on cross border collaboration as you sung with Atif Aslam?
TK, I think it is great, music has no boundaries. I had my first collaboration with Rahat fateh Ali khan Saab in 2010 where we came together with the song “Tum jo aye zindagi ” that was also a huge song and with Atif it is my first track which is getting a tremendous response. I think music has the power to connect between two countries so I totally look forward for any type of collaboration that I get to do with an artist from other countries.
Q:  Tell us about the biopic about your late father Mr Gulshan Kumar?
TK:  Yes it is happening, it is in process but not the right time for me to talk till the official statement is released but having said that I like to add that it is not just a film, it is very emotional for the entire Kumar family including me. It is my father’s journey on how he reached from rags to riches and made an empire which the world knows as T’Series today.
Q: What are the plans for 2018/2019?
TK, Well I have few releases lined up and working on a single which will be shot soon in LA just after I leave from London, I also have a few films I am singing for and looking forward to another tour which is on the cards.
Q: You are a mother too now, tell us how you are doing and managing as a mother?
TK: I am very luck that my mum is taking care of the baby when I am not around but it is a different life after having a baby and he is very lucky for me. I have to manage my timings around him but he is a lovely baby he goes with me to the studios when I am in India.
Q: what do you say to working mums or when they stop working after children?
TK: Now the entire scenario is changing, I think definitely motherhood is very important and a special phase in any woman’s life. I started work when my baby turned five months so I spent my quality time with him and then after that I hit back to work and planned my shows and tours, so if you have determination in your mind then you can plan out things with support of your family and I am very lucky to have a supportive family.
Q: What do you think about bollywood music industry in present?
TK: Music industry has shown change for the last two three years and it is a good change. Independent music and singles give a lot of love, a living example is Guru Randhwa who was based and started with his singles, not bollywood songs. The industry is starting to accept new voices, new kind of music is coming up and people are responding positively.
Q:  Any message for UK audience
TK: Firstly I would like to thank them for all the love they gave me at our shows, this is my first UK tour with Guru Randhwa and I am overwhelmed with so much love and support and it feels very good when your music reaches out and has been loved .