Sonali Bendre’s new look comes with inspiration for cancer patients, husband appeals to stop rumouring


NEW DELHI: Bollywood actor Sonali Bendre, who is currently undergoing treatment for cancer, has been an inspiration for patients suffering from the life-threatening ailment. The actor has penned another motivational post after she opted for a wig following hairloss due to cancer treatment.

The actor took to Instagram to share a heartwarming video capturing her transformation during the course of treatment.

In the post, Bendre expressed how it is important to do what makes one happy, even if it’s something as simple as wearing a wig, bright red lipstick or high heels.

She wrote, “Vanity is my favourite sin.” – Al Pacino. Well, it might not be my all-time favourite sin (that would be gluttony ), but who doesn’t like looking good? The way we look has a profound psychological impact on us. A little vanity here and there does no one any harm. It’s important to do what makes you happy, even if it’s something as simple as wearing a wig, bright red lipstick, high heels.”

She further added, “No one can tell you what’s right or wrong for you. When I was testing out the wigs, I had a brief moment of self-doubt… “Am I vain for wanting to look good?” As part of the entertainment industry, you’re always expected to look good… Maybe that has been ingrained in me? But then I gave it a thought and I realized I like looking good for me. If I’m in the mood to wear a scarf, I will. If I want to walk around bald and free, I will. Only you know what would make you feel good, and what works best for you.

She also thanked Priyanka Chopra for her new look, writing, “Thank you @priyankachopra for connecting me with the amazing @bokheehair, who created my new look.”

It was on July 04 that the actress took to social media to open up about her disease.

Meanwhile, ever since news of Sonali Bendre’s cancer diagnosis became public, actors and fans have been keeping a close eye on her health. But there are always some who end up spreading false rumours. Apparently, there was news of Sonali passing away recently to which a member of the Indian Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), MLA Ram Kadam posted a message on Twitter which read, “Sonali Bendre, the actress who ruled Hindi and Marathi cinema was no more.”

In response to the rumours, Sonali’s husband Goldie Behl tweeted asking people to be careful on social media.”I appeal to all to please use social media more responsibly. Let us not believe in rumours and spread them, unnecessarily hurting the sentiments of those involved. Thank you.”

Later the MLA clarified his tweet saying it was only a rumour and that he’s praying for her recovery. The Bollywood actor released a statement on social media two months ago saying that she’s been diagnosed with high grade cancer and that she is undergoing treatment in New York.

She is one of two Bollywood stars whom the fraternity is praying for; earlier this year, Hindi Medium actor Irrfan Khan had announced that he’s been diagnosed with Neuroendocrine Tumour.

Sonali Bendre revealed on Wednesday that she has high grade cancer. The Bollywood actor took to social media to release her statement, where she also mentioned that she is undergoing treatment in New York.

Says Sonali in the statement, “Sometimes when you least expect it, life throws you a curve-ball. I have recently been diagnosed with high-grade cancer that has metastasized, which we frankly did not see coming. A niggling pain led to some tests, which led to this unexpected diagnosis. My family and close friends have rallied around me, providing the best support system that anyone can ask for. I am very blessed and thankful for each of them.”

She adds, “There is no better way to tackle this than to take swift and immediate action. And so, as advised by my doctors, I am currently undergoing a course of treatment in New York. We remain optimistic and I am determined to fight every step of the way. What has helped has been the immense outpouring of love and support I’ve received over the past few days, for which I am very grateful. I’m taking this battle head-on, knowing I have the strength of my family and friends behind me.” Her fellow Bollywood celebrities and co-stars immediately sent their love and support.