Pak envoy summoned to Islamabad to explain his video


LONDON: Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has taken serious notice of a video in which Pakistan High Commissioner to the UK Sahebzada Ahmed Khan was show in a non-diplomatic and inappropriate action. According to a report received from Islamabad, the Foreign Minister on Thursday expressed his disappointment at Pakistan High Commissioner Sahibzada Ahmed Khan’s on-stage antics at a recent television award function in London, and summoned him to explain his objectionable behaviour.

The high commissioner, in a video that has gone viral, can be seen behaving erratically and speaking incoherently for several minutes on a microphone during the IPPA Awards 2018 held at London’s O2 arena on September 9.

A day after the Foreign Office took notice of the incident and recalled Sahibzada to Pakistan for an explanation; Shah Mahmood Qureshi took to Twitter to reiterate the same.

“I am dismayed by the actions of our high commissioner to the UK and have asked him to return to Pakistan and provide an explanation for his behaviour at the IPPA awards held in London,” the foreign minister tweeted.

Earlier, in a statement issued on Wednesday, FO spokesperson Dr Mohammad Faisal said: “With regard to the recent incident involving our high commissioner in London, we received the news through electronic and social media.”

He said the matter was discussed with the minister, who asked for a written explanation from the high commissioner. “The foreign minister has called him to the headquarters for explanation as well.”

According to PHC sources, Sahebzada Ahmed Khan was scheduled to fly to Islamabad on Thursday evening. The video clip went viral widely and was disliked by the Pakistani diaspora. Some even made very humiliating and accusing remarks including being intoxicated.

The video shows Khan giving a speech and calling out to Pakistani celebrities. Present on stage with him were actors Javed Sheikh, Ahsan Khan and others. The ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s Mardan Twitter account termed Khan’s behaviour “indecent”.

Recently, he was criticised for allowing for the first time the smoking in the premises of Pakistan High Commission absolutely contrary to relevant British laws.