Victoria Beckham Shrugs off divorce rumours


LONDON: David and Victoria Beckham have been considered the epitome of an impeccable couple by fans all around but the picture-perfect romance they share is sometimes put to question by floating rumors.

As reported by The Sun, the 44-year-old fashion icon has stepped forth turning down the buzz circulating about her split with the football star.

It was reported that the former member of all-girl band ‘Spice Girls’ had made it extremely clear to their children that their marriage is still intact and the rumors about their father being called a ‘cheat’ are untrue.

Victoria went on to state that she was forced to confront the hearsay to keep her family life tranquil. The article went on to cite comments made by the duo’s friend who stated: “Allegations about the state of their marriage and ridiculous claims about David are extremely hurtful and obviously potentially very distressing for the kids. Whilst publicly they maintained a united front by laughing off the rumors, behind closed doors they’ve taken them much more seriously. They sat the children down and addressed these horrific, hurtful whispers.”

The gossip was also dismissed by the father of the woman whom Beckham was rumored to be cheating with, stating the two have never met one another in their lives.