Saudi ambassador visits Pak embassy in Riyadh


RIYADH: Saudi Ambassador to Pakistan, Nawaf bin Said Al-Malki, visited the Pakistani Embassy in Riyadh on Friday. Ambassador Khan Hasham Bin Saddique welcomed his guest and thanked him for the courtesy visit.
The ambassadors discussed matters of mutual interest and reiterated their commitment to play a role in further strengthening ties. The ambassadors visited the newly constructed consular hall of the embassy and Al-Malki was briefed on details of consular services and facilities. The ambassador appreciated the standard of the services and the ambiance of the consular hall.
Applicants present in the consular hall, especially Pakistani expatriates, were happy to find the Saudi ambassador among themselves. They expressed their gratitude for the royal family and people of Saudi Arabia.
The Pakistani community also shared with the ambassadors some of the problems faced by them, most importantly high family visa fees charged by the Saudi Embassy in Pakistan. Both ambassadors vowed to play an active role in addressing all community issues. Al-Malki thanked people for their contribution in the development of the Kingdom over the years.