Parents’ obligations towards children


Summer holidays are officially over and parents and children are back to their normal routines. For many parents school holidays are a real nightmare, especially if they have small children because they need to make time for extra activities as they can’t stay home or with the childminder all the time. Children get bored or agitated and its difficult to keep them entertained and engaged every day.
School opening is a relief for many parents but other issues become to rise. With young kids starting school teachers begin to notice and raise complaints that some children are socially undeveloped, unable to dress themselves and lack basic social skills. Many parents refuse to take this responsibility and expect teachers to train them in this and develop their children with no support at home.
The Observer recently claimed that “the problem is not children living in poverty most come from homes with television, computers but what they don’t have are adults who are prepared to give their time and energy doing that most difficult but essential of jobs, raising their children properly.”
Nowadays parents have forgotten their responsibilities, they are blaming teachers and other systems but not themselves, they bring money at home which they can buy food, clothes other things for children but they are not providing the most important thing which is time to bring up their kids properly. As a parent you have committed to a 24/7 job till death do you part. Your children will always be a part of your life, you will always think and pray for your children no matter which age they are and you will worry about their wellbeing. However when they are young they need more attention to allow for their cognitive development and you can not blame others for this.
Teach them manners at home, notice that your children are more likely to adopt and mirror your behaviour as their grow up. Send a positive message; portray your best self to give your child a chance in their future. The home environment effects those kids and it is very dangerous, we are becoming a nation of isolation why because families living separate lives under one roof; the bedroom once was the place to sleep has become the living space for the young, spending hours in front of computer, social media, computer games etc. Children are beginning to spend less time with their parent and siblings and more time within the digital world.
Some parents think that their responsibility for their children’s behaviour ends at the school gates and undermine teachers trying to enforce discipline. Parents need to realise their responsibility, spend time with them, read with their children, make sure they eat healthy, fix tv time and ask their teacher about their progress time to time. If you want your children to become a good human being, invest your time not money in them and most importantly- get to know them.