Launch of cricket history ‘Another Perspective’ in London


Nation special report
LONDON: Cricket is reportedly on top in sports which enriched its fans and other admirers the maximum material to read in forms of books with substantial material and historic pictures. It is genuinely claimed that cricket has the richest literature of any sport. May be an exaggeration as – baseball, golf, football and tennis also have strong claims – but undeniably it is rich.

“Another Perspective” is undoubtedly among those books of present era which reflects

  Pakistani cricket enjoyed a golden period and shooting up the global rankings to become the number one team. It provides its readers the ups and down and as referred by its authors ‘the untold story of development of Pakistan cricket history between1977-98. This period is the witness of very informative and interesting developments in Pakistan cricket. Certainly; every cricket-minded person who, getting older, derives as much pleasure from reading about the game as actually watching it.

The launch of 346-page book was held at the Pakistan High Commission on Monday (13th August) with the High Commissioner Sahibzada Ahmed Khan as Chief Guest.

The author Taher Memon acquainted the audience that book’s sub-title –The untold story of development is because it unfolds near accurate development work carried out during the period and somehow remained untold or written about other writers / historians.

He explained that since he was responsible for the developmental work, that he owe to the history to record. This is not his recollection, but is based on evidence available with him in terms of videos, photographs and 18 Annual magazines published over the period. He also emphasized the fact that over 70 former officials of the board, local associations, test cricketers, umpires, statisticians, sports scribes have contributed to the book, authenticating the narrative of the book.

Taher Memon told the audience that he has written the book with sole intention recording the history, and as such he is committed to donate all profits from the sale to The Hunar Foundation, that impart vocational training to young educated but jobless individuals and turn them into bread earners in six months’ time.

He also informed the audience that in this project he was assisted by Salim Parvez, who ensured accuracy history in terms of dates and people responsible during the period.

Appreciating the purpose of writing this book, Sahebzada Ahmed Khan said that he had read the book and highly lauds the work of both Taher Memon and Salim Parvez in recording the history of that period. In fact, he categorically emphasized that he would rather title the Book as “Right Perspective” rather than presently ‘Another Perspective’.

He also praised Taher Memon’s gesture of donating all profits towards imparting vocational education to the young and educated jobless individuals. Salim Parvez briefed the participants about the various aspects of completing the book which according to readers would be a milestone in cricket history.

Prominent test cricketer Zaheer Abbas penned the foreword of the book and expressed his views at the event.  Others who shared their views and memories attached with the cricket were including legent Asif Iqbal and Mushtaq Mohammad.

Head of Chancery Asif Khan also spoke at the occasion. Highlight of the Launch was the young Master of Ceremony, Nayel Ahmed Memon, grandson of Taher Memon, who made the house keeping announcements to the assembly of guest.

Taher Memon presented the book to Lord Nazir Ahmed and Pakistan high Commissioner Sahebzada Ahmed Khan. The event was attended by senior diplomats of Pakistan high Commission and prominent members of Pakistani diaspora.

Peter Wyme Thomas, President, Nottinghamshire (2016-18) lauded the efforts rendered in preparing the book and wrote for the book; “The importance of this book, in terms of overall history of Pakistan cricket, cannot be over emphasized. Between 1977-98, the world concept of cricket in the country was dramatically altered from the old-fashioned traditional ways to one suited to the times we live in. Another Perspective is the story told here for the first time by the people who were involved.’”