Sikhs and Kashmiris demo outside India House in London


LONDON: Members of Kashmiri and Sikh community demonstrated outside the India House in London on Wednesday, 15th August on the eve of India’s Independence Day.  The protestors, as usual, chanted slogans for the ‘independence’ of Khalistan and Kashmir demanding end of Delhi’s administrating control and withdrawal of Indian forces from both the states.

Amrik Singh Sahota OBE (President, Council of Khalistan) said; “It is a sign that the Hindutva propaganda machine in the UK is running out of steam in the face of determined diaspora communities”. Joga Singh (BabbarAkali Organisation) said; “15th August 1947 will forever be a ‘black day’ which signified nothing but the replacement of one colonial power by another”.

Kashmiri leader Prof Nazir Ahmed Shawl, amidst slogans of “Khalistan Zindabad” and “Kashmir Zindabad” said; “It is urgently needed for international intervention to prevent further suffering in blood-soaked Kashmir where the population is, despite the odds, facing down an army intent on targeting even unarmed civilians with inhuman aggression”. Another Kashmiri leader Raja Sikander Khan said; “Indian state ‘terror perpetrators’ would pay for their massive violations but, even now, New Delhi should show some wisdom and acknowledge the democratic will of the masses.

Dupinderjit Singh of the ‘Referendum 2020’ movement spoke about the non-governmental freedom vote to be held in November 2020. He said Sikhs would never rest until they secured their national right, under international law, to freedom and dignity in their homeland. The planned democratic referendum is intended to demonstrate to the UN that the people of Indian ‘occupied’ Punjab, along with the diaspora, stand behind the decision of the Sikh national gathering (Sarbat Khalsa) of 1986 when it was freely determined that sovereign independence in Punjab was the only solution to Indian aggression.

Ranjit Singh Sarai said; “We are determined to achieve our goal and that day is not far when we shall get our ‘independent’ Khalistan and force Indian Government to withdraw its ‘cruel and occupied’ forces from Punjab and Kashmir”.