Eleven-member KPK new cabinet takes oath


PESHAWAR: Eleven members new cabinet of  KPK Governor has taken oath. According to details on Wednesday oath taking ceremony was held in Governor House Peshawar. Acting Governor Mushtaq Ghani administered the oath to eleven members of  KPK new cabinet.
The Ministers who took oath include Atif Khan, Shahram Tarkai, Tamur Saleem Jhagra, Mohammad Ishtiaq, Qalandar Lodhi, Shakeel Khan, Mohib Ullah, Sultan Khan, Hasham Anam, Kamran Bangash and Akbar Ayub.
It is recalled that the oath taking ceremony was once postponed due to the busy schedule of Chief Minister Mahmud Khan. One member Shah Mohammad has refused to take oath as adviser.
In the new cabinet Atif Khan in addition to Senior Minister will also look after the Tourism Department whereas Shahram Tarkai has been allotted portfolio of Local Bodies, Tamur Saleem Jhagra, Finance Ministry, Mohammad Ishtiaq, Forest Department and Qalandar Khan Lodhi Food Department. Likewise Shakeel Khan  has been allocated portfolio of Revenue Department, Mohib Ullah Agriculture Department, Dr. Amjad Ali Mineral Department, Sultan Mohammad Khan Law Department, Hesham Inamullah Health  Department and Kamran Bangash will be Minister of Information Technology Department.
Abdul Karim will be Adviser for Industries to Chief Minister and Ziaullah Bangash will be Adviser to Chief Minister.