Shabana Azmi says politicians are warmongers


MUMBAI: When politicians are warmongers, it’s up to artists to play the role of peacemakers. And veteran Indian actor Shabana Azmi succeeded to that end at a recent talk held in Delhi, during which she emphasised that lines of communication and cultural exchange should remain open between Pakistan and India and that “war is not an option”.
Azmi said, “The relationship between the citizens of Pakistan and India needs to remain interactive. We need to converse and exchange ideas and thoughts. War is not an option, discussions and talks are needed to solve the disputes between the countries.”
The Arth star says she hoped to see more student exchange and cultural exchange programmes in the future so that people on both sides of the border get the opportunity to understand each other.
She also thinks that film is a great tool for fostering understanding: “During cricket match of Pakistan and India, people start behaving like rivals and discriminate against each other. So, that time film is the medium through which feeling of love can be generated among people of India and Pakistan through artistes’ performances. More films should be made through which message of love and peace is imparted, and there should be a joint collaboration between the nations.”
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