Modi, Imran show determination to work for peace and development


ISLAMABAD: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday telephoned Imran Khan, congratulating him over his party’s victory in the general elections and conveying best wishes for Pakistan, the Central Media Department of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) said in a statement.

“We are ready to enter a new era of relations with Pakistan,” Modi was quoted as saying. He said both the countries should adopt a joint strategy for progress in bilateral ties.

A statement issued by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs from New Delhi said Modi had spoken to Khan and “congratulated him for his party emerging as the largest political party in the National Assembly of Pakistan in the recently conducted general elections.”

“Prime Minister [Modi] expressed hope that democracy will take deeper roots in Pakistan,” the statement quoted Modi as saying. Modi also reiterated his “vision of peace and development in the entire neighbourhood” during his conversation with Khan.

According to the PTI statement, Khan thanked the Indian prime minister for his good wishes. “The solution to conflicts should be found through dialogue,” he was quoted as telling Modi.”Instead of answers to conflicts, wars and bloodbath give birth to tragedies,” the PTI chief said.

Khan said the two governments should devise a joint plan of action to free people of both countries from the cruel trap of poverty.