Floral show organised at Pakistan High Commission


LONDON: A floral show was held at Pakistan High Commission London on Friday afternoon, to celebrate the Independence day of Pakistan.The show, organized by Floral Art Society of Pakistan (FASP)(Peshawar Chapter) in collaboration with the high commission, wasinaugurated by Pakistan High Commissioner Sahebzada Ahmed Khan at the premises of the high commission.
A large number of British Pakistani families attended the show.The overarching principle of Floral Art Society of Pakistan (FASP) wasto promote peace and spirituality through the beauty of flowers, asflowersin Pakistan are given as a symbol of peace as well as conventional sympathy. The other mission of FASP was to encourage creativity and excellence in floral designing. Flowers are also used at wedding ceremonies and other happy occasions.
Floral art experts Mrs. Farida Tariq Nishtar, Ms.Samia Hamayun, Ms.Rukhsan Aziz, Ms.Nusrat Bilal and Ms.Humaria Babar displayed floral art designs at the exhibition which was appreciated by the High Commissioner and the visitors of the show. Speaking on the occasion, Pakistan’s High Commissioner Sahebzada Ahmed Khan said that such kind of activities help promote friendship and termed it as “Ikebana diplomacy”. He welcomed the participants of the exhibition who had come to UK from Peshawar which is also called city of gardens and FASP (Peshawar chapter) has exhibited a flora show in London , in connection with independence day calibrations of Pakistan. The HighCommissionersaid thatfloralshow would help further promote the bilateral relations between Pakistan and the United Kingdom.
He said last week ,Pakistan High Commission London organized Sport event of wrestlers and called it as “Sports diplomacy” in which a British wrestler participated and also organized a seminar on role and contribution of religious minorities in Pakistan’s development. In her address of welcome, Farida Tariq Nishtar thanked SahebzadaAhmed Khan for hissupport and cooperation in organizing a floral art exhibition in the High Commission premises. She also highlighted the objectives of the exhibition with specialreference to mark the independence day of Pakistan. The Floral show continued till August 14.