Yusaf jailed for stabbing reveller at Christmas party


BIRMINGHAM: A knifeman has been jailed for stabbing a reveller at a Christmas party after a drunken brawl ended with a man suffering a near fatal injury. Yusaf Mohammed lunged at his 22-yearold victim with a knife when violence erupted in the smoking area at Great Barr’s Old Horns pub at 12.45am on Christmas morning 2015. The man suffered a single stab wound to the chest and went on to make a full recovery – but the knife narrowly avoided puncturing his heart.
Quick-time enquiries identified Mohammed – known locally as ‘Biggsy’ – as a suspect and later that day officers traced him to an address in Dune did Road, Kings tanding. He’d fled the area but officers found clothes matching those worn by the attacker drying on a radiator having been washed by the 24- year-old in a bid to remove any DNA evidence. Mohammed was arrested on 29 January 2016 but, though an ID procedure saw a key witness pick him out as the offender,
he denied being involved and claimed a case of mistaken identity. However, West Midlands Police provided a jury at Wolver hampton Crown Court with compelling CCTV evidence, while another witness reported seeing Muhammed with a knife in the pub toilet before the stabbing. He was found guilty on Friday (Aug 3) of wounding and jailed forsix-and-ahalf years.
Investigating officer PC Mandy Dorrington from West Midlands Police,said: “There was no trouble during the evening – everyone seemed to be merry and enjoying themselves – but trouble flared just after closing time as people were milling around outside. “It’s not known exactly what sparked the disorder but an argument broke out between two men and for some reason Muhammed waded in and stabbed one of the men. CCTV shows the victim collapse on a grass verge near the pub car-park. He was lucky to survive. Stabbed one of the men. CCTV  shows the victim collapse on a grass verge near the pub car-park. He was lucky to survive.