Labour warns of rise of far right after Boris Johnson’s burka row


LONDON: Labour has warned of a rise in far-right politics after Boris Johnson made inflammatory comments about Muslim women who wear face veils. Lumping the former foreign secretary in with ex-English Defense League (EDL) leader Tommy Robinson and a group described as fascists who stormed a left-wing bookshop, John McDonnell called for a campaign of resistance.
Mr. Johnson also faced criticism from one of his former Foreign Office deputies for his “offensive” comments. Alistair Burt, minister for the Middle East, told BBC Radio 4’s Today programmed: “I would never have made such a comment, I think there is a degree of offence in that, absolutely right. “What he was trying to make a serious point about is the UK Government will not enforce any clothing restriction on anyone.”
Mr. Burt added: “I wish he hadn’t accompanied it with a comment that I certainly wouldn’t make and I think many people would find offensive, yes.” Mr. Johnson was accused of stoking Islam phobia for political gain when he said Muslim women wearing burka slook like bank robbers. The former Cabinet minister said he opposed a ban on face-covering veils, but said it was “absolutely ridiculous that people should choose to go around looking like letter boxes”.
A free pop festival in Victoria Park, Hackney, which brought to an end the Carnival Against the Nazis demonstration jointly organized by the Anti-Nazi League and B Rock Against Racism (PA)