Napping reduces stress hormone level


LONDON: Studies have proven that napping reduces stress hormone levels. So, take a break each day from the stresses and reduce your risks, find a quiet, comfortable spot and take a nap.
To feel more alert and energetic, take a 15 minute mid-afternoon nap. This will help you lift your mood and improve efficiency and alertness. Daytime dozing gives one relief and break from the hectic work schedule and after taking a 15-minute nap, one feels fresh and this enhances a person’s capacity to learn certain tasks more easily.
Previous research has shown that people who take a daily nap have almost 40% reduced risk of heart disease.
In a recent study conducted by NASA showed that a 30-minute power nap improved cognitive functions by over 40 percent.
Sufficient sleep and naps help motivate exercise. This is because one doesn’t feel tired and lazy due to lack of sleep.
Rest and relaxation are a must for everyone. People tend to be more imaginative after a good night’s sleep and the same holds true for a mid-afternoon power nap.
A bad night’s sleep can stress the body and the mind. A power nap compensates for the sleep lost.
One often feels irritated and cranky due to lack of sleep. A nap can give your body the rest it is longing for, which lifts up mood.
Just 15-30 minutes of nap in the mid-afternoon is good for heart functioning, hormonal maintenance, and cell repair and for the overall health of a person.