Girl shot dead for refusing marriage proposal, culprit arrested

Mehwish Arshad coming to her hostel after meeting family members.

FAISALABAD: Police have arrested the suspect behind the murder of an 18-yearold bus hostess in Faisalabad. Mehwish Arshad was an employee at Al-Hilal travels.
The suspect Umer Daraz worked as security guard with the victim at her previous workplace Kohistan travels. Umer used to force Mehwish to marry him but she never consented to the proposal. The victim was returning to her hostel after meeting her family when Umer met her on the way and held her arm.
Furious over the move, Mahwish scolded Umer for his action. Filled with anger, the suspect took out a pistol and shot Mahwish as a result of which she was badly injured and shifted to hospital. During treatment, she succumbed to her injuries.
The suspect is under custody and is being interrogated. According to the first information report (FIR) registered at the Sargodha Road police station, The accused, Umer Daraz, a security guard employed at the same company that the deceased previously worked at, wished to marry her, but she rejected the proposal, following which he shot her to death publicly five days ago.
Domestic violence, acids attacks and now, getting shot for “saying no” to a man, are growing threats women in Pakistan face.

Mehwish Arshad shot at stairs of her hostel in Faisalabad.

Bus hostess, Mehwish Arshad’s tragic death in Faisalabad over refusing a marriage proposal has sparked conversations about sexism and violence against women in Pakistan.

Accused Umer Daraz in police custody after allegedly committing crime.

Following the spread on social media of the disturbing CCTV footage of Arshad’s death earlier this week, citizens condemned the incident. Now, hundreds are taking to online platforms in the country to raise their voice against oppression of women.