Former PTI activist enters Kulsoom’s room to see ‘reality’ , handed over to police but let off


LONDON: A PTI activist, later identified as Naveed Farouq was caught while entering Begum Kulsoom Nawaz’s hospital room to ascertain the ‘reality’ without permission at London’s Harley Street Clinic on Saturday, the PML-N sources said.
The incident took place on the first floor of the hospital, where Begum Kulsoom is admitted after she was put on life support following a cardiac arrest. The PML-N sources said that Naveed Farouq is stated to be the activist of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf and was reportedly went to the room to see and to know the reality since Sharif family reported the condition of Begum Kulsoom Nawaz is very serious after the heart attack and she is on ventilator in coma.

LONDON: Naveed Farouq talking to security staff and Nasir Butt (right) at the Harley Street clinic.

Sources said that Naveed told police his name and claimed that he is a doctor with a medical practitioner’s ID card. It is stated that he was spotted in the vicinity of the clinic at 9am and went in around 10am when it opened in the morning. The man, his identity and the circumstances of his entry into the clinic, were inquired into by the police.
He was let off with a warning after his medical practitioners’ ID card was scrutinised and police did not find him guilty of a criminal offence. Upon being questioned, he said: “I went to meet her. I haven’t done anything wrong. I wished to inquire after Begum Kulsoom being a Pakistani. When questioned about his political affiliation, Naveed said that he was a former member of the Pakistan Tehreek-iInsaf, reiterating that he was there to support the Sharif family.
“Every person has links to some party or another,” he claimed. Nawaz Sharif’s son Hussain Nawaz said in a statement that such incidences cause distress to his family during tough times. “This man fooled the security and managed to reach Begum Kulsoom’s room,” he added. Hussain had immediately alerted security, who then called the police.
Hussain said he didn’t know who the man was, adding: “Even if he is a doctor, it does not mean that he can enter a place he has no concern with. Our family was already worried, and that this incident had caused further distress to them”. After the incident, someone posted the picture of Naveed Farooq with Imran Khan taken at an event 23rd September 2013 to show his affiliation with PTI. His video at Harley Street clinic talking to police, Nasir Butt and other PML-N leaders also went viral widely.