Neelum sub-camps to provide high quality education

MUZAFFARABAD: Advocate Uzma Shireen, President Pakistan Muslim League (N) meeting with AJk President Sardar Masood Khan.

MUZAFFARABAD: Advocate Uzma Shireen, President Pakistan Muslim League (N) Neelum District called on AJK President Sardar Masood Khan here at the Presidency.
During the meeting Advocate, Uzma informed the President of a recent fire that ravaged the areas adjoining Sharda in Neelum Valley which gutted almost 45 shops and a guesthouse. The President expressed his deep concern over the tragic incident and said that the affectees will soon be compensated for their losses. He added that a detailed investigation into the incident will also be compiled to help understand the cause of the fire.
The President said that the residents of Neelum will be provided with quality higher education. He added that for this purpose the sub-campus of the University of AJK will be constructed according to the international standards and will provide quality education to the people of Neelum.
The President while praising the residents of Neelum said that they have always been at the forefront of Indian fire and aggression across the Line of Control. People living close to the LoC have displayed the highest level of courage and resilience in the face of naked and unprovoked aggression by India, he said.