London meeting appeals for generous financial help to oppressed Palestinians


Nation special report

LONDON: Amidst world criticism over Israeli inhuman policy and measures against the innocent Palestinians, a London meeting has demanded the international community to exercise their influence and ensure the safety in Israeli occupied regions. The meeting arranged by ‘Medical Aid for Palestinians’ (MAP) at the Pavilion in Walthamstow, east London was attended by a large number of supporters and sympathisers of oppressed Palestinians.

LONDON: Dr. Swee Chai Ang, Farah Nasim address the fund raising event for Palestinians while Imran Majeed conducting the proceedings of auction session. Other pictures show the participants including Raja Allah Ditta, M. Sarwar, Ahsan Khan, Dr. Toha Qureshi, Omer Qureshi, Khalid Choudhry, Raja Inayat, Ch. Dilpazeer, Raja Anwar, Johar Khan, Shaukat Nawaz Khan, Haider Ali and others. (Nation pictures Mushtaq Sandhu)

Dr. Swee Chai Ang (CoFounder of MAP) briefed the audience about the plight of Palestinians and appealed to everyone to come forward and help their brothers and sisters in the name of humanity. She visited the Israeli occupied areas and looked after the injured and ailing people. “Palestinians need food and medicines and it is prime duty of everyone sitting here and outside to help them generously”, she requested.
Dr. Ang was born in Malaysia but grew up and was trained in Singapore and then the UK. She was the first women orthopaedic consultant at Bart’s Hospital and spen much of the 1980s and 1990s treating Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and Gaza.
Her work has taken her to Pakistani victims of the Kashmir earthquake and the London public transport bombing of 2005. Dr. Ang is an inductee in the Singapore Women’s Hall of Fame. The arrangement made for this noble cause wassupervised by Arifa Nasim and supported by Raja Allah Ditta, Ahsan Khan and other community leaders and activists.
Imran Majeed conducted the proceedings of auction session. Raja Inayat offered £550/- for a piece of Qiswa while a cricket bat, signed by English team bought by Omer Qureshi. The gift of Qiswa was presented to the organiser by Dr. Toha Qureshi. It is pertinent to mention here that the UN General Assembly on Wednesday adopted by a sweeping majority a resolution condemning Israel for killing Palestinians in Gaza and rejected a US attempt to pin the blame on Hamas.
The resolution put forward by Algeria,Turkey and the Palestinians secured 120 votes in the 193-member assembly, with 8 votes against and 45 abstentions. The resolution came in response to a similar resolution being vetoed by the United States in the 15-member UN Security Council earlier this month.
The resolution deploresIsrael’s use of “excessive, disproportionate and indiscriminate force” against Palestinians, particularly in Gaza. Australia, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, Togo and the Solomon Islands joined the United States and Israel in voting against the resolution. Germany abstained. More than 120 Palestinian protestersin Gaza have been killed by Israeli soldiers since late March, as well as nearly 4,000 injured. Israel blames Hamas, which controlsthe Gaza Strip, for inciting the protests. No Israelis have been killed.