JKLF leaders condemns killing of Qaiser Bhat


SRINAGAR: JKLF (R) leaders including Barrister Majid Trambu, Ayoub Rathor and Wajahat Bashir Qureshi in a joint statement condemned the killing of Qaiser Bhat in Nowhata area by running over an armoured vehicle over a group of youth and added that Indian authorities and their pawns in state are killing youth mercilessly.
They have turned state into a butcher house, said they and blamed forces for making youth their soft targets. Now they have devised a new ploy and folly to kill our budding youth, they said and appealed international community to come to the rescue of subjugated people in state.
They are following Zafrani agenda, said JKLF(R) leaders and while lashing at PDP added that they for the lust of power, have let loose a reign of terror in nook and corner of state.
The trio said that police and forces in night raids are arresting youth, thrashing and harassing inmates, ransacking properties, chopping fruit trees and setting ablaze residential houses. Terming the state sponsored actions as worst terrorism, the leaders said that all these brutal activities are being carried under the disguise of so-called cease fire. Appealing international community, the leaders sought their help in saving innocent and unarmed people from mayhem, wrath of brutal forces and callous administration. Barrister, Rathore and Qureshi while praying for slain youth extended their condolences and wished speedy recovery for those injured in unfortunate forces action. Meanwhile Javed Ahmad, district president of party participated in funeral of slain youth.