India, Pakistan address maritime boundary violations by fishermen


NEW DELHI: A high-level meeting was held between the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) and Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) at the Coast Guard Headquarters on Monday.
Rajendra Singh, PTM, TM, Director General ICG, Rear Admiral Zaka Ur Rehman SI (M) Director General PMSA, and officials from Ministry of Defence and Ministry of External Affairs from both countries attended the meeting.
The meeting was held under the provisions of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between the two agencies in 2005, the Directors Generals of ICG and PMSA meet periodically. This annual meeting is a significant link between the two maritime agencies for addressing issues pertaining to maritime boundary violations by fishermen and enhancing cooperation in the domain of maritime search and rescue and marine environment pollution.
The two service heads from ICG and PMSA also have a hotline link between them for regular exchange of information on non-military maritime issues as per the MoU between the two governments The MoU was signed on October 3, 2005 and came into effect on 16th March, 2006.