Nazim Ali honoured for his charity work


BRADFORD: Well known fundraiser Nazim Ali had been rewarded for his efforts with a prestigious award at this year’s Muslim News Awards of Excellence.
Mr Ali was presented with the Alija Izetbegovic Award for Excellence for Good Citizenship, but could not attend the ceremony in London due to a back injury. The award recognizes the 37- year-old’s humanitarian efforts over the past two decades both in the UK and abroad.

Nazim Ali with his prize

He volunteers weekly at the Curry Circle Project, provides Eid gifts for ill children at Bradford Royal Infirmary, makes humanitarian trips to the Turkey/Syria border, helped Rohingya refugees earlier this year, regularly undertakes challenges in aid of charity and much, much more, all while working as a careers advisor in three inner-city Bradford schools, Telegraph and Argus has reported.
Mr Ali, from Manning Ham, said: “I am profoundly humbled to have the won the Alija Izetbegovic Award For Excellence for Good Citizenship at the Muslim News Awards of Excellence.
To win an accolade in honour of a great statesman who campaigned for Bosnian rights, Alija Izetbegovic, is truly a great honour”.