“Coming days more crucial for Kashmiri nation”; warn Kashmiri leaders


By S.M. Irfan Tahir
BIRMINGHAM: UKPNP recently organised a seminar to discuss the Kashmir situation in regional perspective and hosted a reception in honour of veteran Kashmiri leader Dr. Shabir Choudhry in recognition to his services for the Kashmiri nation.
The reception was held at Khidmat Centre, Heather Road Small Heath and was presided by Syed Mansoor Hussain Shah President UKPNP Birmingham. Addressing the event, Guest of Honour and Chairman United Kashmir Peoples National Party (UKPNP) Sardar Shaukat Ali Kashmiri said that with the passage of time, Kashmir situation is deteriorating day be day and it looks that the struggle of Kashmiri nation wants more sacrifices.

BIRMINGHAM: Sardar Shaukat kashmiri, Dr. Shabir Choudhry and other Kashmiri leaders and activists addresses seminar on Kashmir issue. (Nation pictures)

“The coming time would be more challenging and crucial for our Kashmiri brothers and sisters. Tragedy is that we can’t trust to those who claim to be our friends. Kashmiris are sandwiched between Pakistan and India and their attitude towards Kashmir is similar and unchanged”, he added. “The time demands to Kashmiris to be united and adopt same stance that is plebiscite and right of self determination”, Sardar Shaukat Kashmiri said referring the approved UN resolutions.
Dr. Shabir Choudhry said that Kashmiris have to fight their genuine war their own and should not look at anyone. Other speakers said we should raise our voices against the war creator and should support the Democratic powers for the peace and prosperity of the whole of the South Asia region. Among the attendees were present Aftab Khan, Sardar Amjad Amjad Yousaf, Muhammad Farooq Khan, Muhammad Saeed Khan, Qamar Khalil, Mahtab Ahmed, Shahid Mehmood,Haroon Abbasi, Waqas Yaseen,Waseem Khan, Shahid Mahmood Qureshi,Raja Asim, Qadeer Abbasi, Kishwar Hussain, Atif Majeed Khokhar, Omar Moin, Hafiz Waqas, Majid Khan, Shaukat Hussain and others.