First Pak biodegradable carpet outlet opened in Paris


ISLAMABAD: Multan Carpet Industries has opened its first outlet and warehouse in Paris under the name “Noble Natural” to market Pakistan-made, biodegradable, synthetic and handmade high-end carpets and rugs.


Ambassador of Pakistan to France, Moin-ul-Haque, during his visit to the showroom recently termed the opening of the outlet in the posh business area of Paris as a giant leap forward to introduce Pakistan’s hi-tech and environmentally-friendly carpets to the European Market, said a message received here on Tuesday.
The Ambassador appreciated Khalid Saeed, CEO of the Multan Carpet Industries, for taking the bold initiative, saying that this would serve as a trend setter for other Pakistan brands and industrial houses to introduce their high-end products in the rich and affluent European market. While briefing the Ambassador, Saeed said that the raw material used in making of carpets and rugs was derived from natural cotton, wool and jute and no chemicals or dyes were added, making the product eco-friendly and biodegradable to meet new trends and standards of the European market.