Cannes Festival — a world of beauty


There are many award ceremonies and film festivals throughout the year but one film festival which is the most known is “Cannes Festival ” where stars, directors attend the festival and bring their work as films. Cannes in France, which previews new films of all genres including documentaries from all around the world.
There are many stars and directors came from India many are the regular attendees such as Aiswariya Rai, Deepika and Sonam and many more.
A known bollywood Director Subhash Ghai who was in Cannes to announce his first ever international film based on Osho was honoured with the TITAN Reginald F Lewis Film Honors for his legendary contribution to Indian cinema. He received this honor the same day when he received an award on behalf of veteran actress Sridevi’s family making the moment overwhelming for him.
Filmmaker Subhash Ghai was accompanied by Namrata Goel – producer of the film Manto for the ceremony held at a majestic beach in Cannes with mostly western audience. When Subhash Ghai was asked to speak about the late actress he realized that most of the audience present there won’t know the legend Sridevi was. He began with introducing India and it’s 1.3 billion population, followed by Indian cinema and then queen of Indian cinema Sridev and how the entire nation paid tribute to India’s first superstar on her sudden demise who worked in 300 films in 7 different languages.
Subhash Ghai was ecstatic to talk about Sridevi and even enacted a scene on how Sridevi used to deliver her dialogues with electric effect and otherwise being so calm on sets and how she always surprised the director along with the entire unit. He also shared that in between the scenes Sridevi used to tweak the dialogues and perform it so magically that he often changed dialogues of the co-actor to raise a bar set by her. Subhash Ghai described Sridevi as a naïve simple lady with dignity but electrifying in front of camera who tirelessly worked to become an icon for next generation.
Event was mostly attended by western film makers and gave huge ovation for Sridevi. Mr Ghai also thanked organisers to honour him with certificate of tribute to his legendary work in indian cinema.
Pakistani actress Mahira Khan going to the Cannes Film Festival was a major deal for Pakistanis. Her debut on the red carpet this year not only took social media by storm but also became the talk of the town. As her Cannes journey came to a close yesterday, Mahira took to Instagram to express her sentiments.
She added, “All these talented women had one thing in common – they lifted each other up. They were supportive and kind. They had each other’s backs. And that is the only (if any) key to success. ”
The Raees actor believes that is truly empowering to sit with fellow stars and talk about your wrinkles or growing children.
peaking about her time on the red carpet, Mahira said, “It’s a relief when it is your first time on the red carpet with hundreds of people photographing you, to get a ‘you’ve got this’ from the girl whose done this like a dream so many times.”
Mahira then spoke of all the support she received during her time in Cannes, “It was even more amazing to get all these lovely messages from my industry back home. And the best family and friends one could ask for. Aah and my fan family, how I love thee!”
She concluded with, “We are nothing alone, and that is something life keeps teaching me time and again.”