Tanveer jailed for18 months over humiliating Pakistani wife


ANGLESEY (WALES): A controlling husband whose wife ate from the bin after he kept food from her and forced her to regularly check her weight has been jailed.
Driving instructor Tanveer Ghani, of Holyhead, Anglesey, humiliated his wife Farzana Kauser after she moved to the UK from Pakistan following an arranged marriage, Llandudno Magistrates’ Court heard, the Daily Mail has reported.

Tanveer Ghani

Ms Kauser said that Ghani controlled her eating, meaning she ate food that he had thrown in a bin when he went out because she was so hungry. Ghani, 58, would force his 37-year-old wife to stand on a set of scales every Sunday and the court saw texts in which he called her ‘fat and lazy’.
He was jailed for 18 weeks and handed a five-year restraining order after he was convicted controlling behaviour this week. Ghani told the court he was born in Lahore and came to Britain as a teenager before becoming a driving instructor in 1993.
After his partner of 30 years left him, his sister-in-law persuaded him to remarry. In September 2015, he married Ms Kauserin Pakistan but she did not come to Britain until the summer of last year because of visa delays. After three months at his home, which she saw as a ‘prison’, she fled to relatives, the court heard. Giving evidence in Urdu with the help of an interpreter during the trial, his wife said that she was left starving in the house.
Sentencing Ghani, district judge Gwyn Jones said: ‘It was an unhealthy and unbalanced relationship which sapped the free will of your wife, making her feel worthless.’ The judge said she had been subjected to emotional and financial abuse, including the ritual of ‘weigh-ins and measurements’ because of his constant demands about her weight. Ghani had denied his wife’s claims, insisting their marriage was based on love and he never even raised his voice.