JKLF leaders term Rawat’s statement irrelevant


SRINAGAR: Terming Indian army chief Gen Bipin Rawat’s statement as irrelevant , illogical and outcome of power of arrogance, JKLF (R) leaders including Barrister Majid Trambu, Ayoub Rathor and Wajahat Bashir Qureshi said that his “narratives” reflect “negative and egoistic approach”.
They are following their bigoted dogma and as such creating war euphoria in region, added Barrister, Rathor and Qureshi.
No sane person can say like this, said they while referring to his statement wherein he has said that “Azaadi will not happen, saying such rhetoric’s and senseless statements instead of solving the issues will multiply the problems and only add fuel to fire.
The trio asked Indian leaders to shun their “stubborn attitude and accept ground reality”.
The leaders said that the Kashmir issue is serious and cannot be resolved through rhetoric or provocative statements. Meanwhile Trambu, Rathor and Qureshi expressed their deep resentment over the incident of beating of five people including a woman in Delhi, saying those pursuing business or education outside state are not safe and goons have let lose a reign of terror against Kashmiri people .