Acid thrower Rahad Hussain sentenced for 10 years


LONDON: An acid-wielding person Rahad Husain who severely burnt two men in a parked car for ‘no apparent reason’ has been jailed for 10 years. 24-year old Rahad Hussain threw concentrated sulphuric acid at Mohammed Ahmed, 24, and Mohammad Hussain, 25, causing the skin on their face to start ‘peeling’ off.

Members of public watered down the victims, Mohammed Ahmed and Mohammad Hussain who had acid attack.

The two men were sitting in Mr Ahmed’s car in Bethnal Green, east London, on 25 July when they saw Hussain drive past and wave at them. According to a Daily Mail report, Hussain returned a few minutes later at around 7pm and threw the contents of a bottle of acid through the passenger side window over Hussain.

Rahad Hussain

Rahad Hussain, 24, threw acid at Mohammed Ahmed, 24, and Mohammad Hussain, 25, causing the skin on their face to start ‘peeling’ off (pictured, the pair receive treatment) Hussain said he felt a ‘burning sensation’ and ‘terrible pain’ before telling Mr Ahmed he ‘has a bottle of acid’ and to drive off. But Ahmed stalled the car which caused the electric windows to open further and Hussain emptied the contents of the acid bottle over him.
Snaresbrook Crown Court heard how Hussain, who has known Mr Ahmed since school, shouted ‘you want some’ before throwing the corrosive fluid. The two men managed to reach a local shop owned by Abdul Karim who described them as ‘screaming in pain’ as their skin was ‘peeling off of their faces’.
Mr Karim and other members of the public emptied 30 to 40 bottles of water over them in a bid to lessen their injuries, the court heard. But both men suffered 1st degree burns and some permanent scarring, while Mr Ahmed sustained damage to his ear and the surface of his eye. Stephen Earnshaw, prosecuting, said Hussain attacked the two men for ‘no apparent reason.’
Hussain handed himself in to Stoke Newington police station two days later and was identified by the victims despite a ‘cunning’ attempt to change his appearance. Mr Ahmed is still on medication to deal with the psychological damage the attack has caused, the court heard.
Hussain, of Bethnal Green, admitted two counts of causing grievous bodily harm and one count of possessing an offensive weapon. He was jailed for 10 years with no chance of early release and will remain on licence for an extended period of four years after his release.
Judge Simon Mayo QC read a note from Hussain in which he expressed how ‘sorry’ he was and how he felt like a ‘coward’, but he cheered as he was led to the cells. The judge told him: ‘This was a terrible and unprovoked attack. It was in broad daylight with people around which aggravates it further. ‘It has and will have ongoing effects on the lives of the victims. I am satisfied that you present a risk for dangerousness and I will impose an extended sentence. The circumstances of your offence mean you do still pose a risk. You could still cause serious harm to members of the public.’