70 years: Role of Pakistani political parties mafia…


By Zahid Zaidi
70 years of Pakistan. We are struggling to find out more about our targets and goals. We are struggling to find our way what we need for better and tolerance secure Pakistan. We are struggling to find our basic needs water electricity education health security and justice. What is our problem why don’t we understand who is responsible for all these. Our internal enemy is more lethal then external. We, people of Pakistan are the most responsible for our uncertainty. We fail to choose our sincere leadership. Unfortunately Pakistan political mafia is a part of the international Agenda slow poison weaker Pakistan. Do we really need this artificial seystom in the name of democracy? Political parties are like mafia and playing dangerous game.
If we look into perspectives during the last six governments from 1988 to 1999 then 2008 to 2018, 3 PPP Zardari governments and 3 Nawaz governments. They have destroyed our national pride our institutions credibility and image.
In other hand, man in uniform Field marshal Ayub khan. General Zia General Musharraf. They have delivered Direct benefit to masses from the gross root. Through local body governments and development. They managed to maintain balance of Pakistani rupees against dollar. comudities prices stayed in control. How long would we be controlled by American and British lobbyist, hired by Pakistani political mafia. Now 18th amendment Bill is a part of the game. Provincial autonomy is a great match fixing (fraud with the people of Pakistan).
Provincial government has been exposed black mailing federation. Provincial governments Sindh and balochistan are great failure of administration. From the NFC funds collapsed due to corruption and incompetence. I am very disappointed with the way we have been treating. I hope and pray for presidential system in Pakistan. If we look around the world like America, Russia, China, Turkey, France, Germany, Iran; they have presidential system that we should adopt.
We need to build trust for the future of Pakistan, one unit a united Pakistan. We don’t need to rush for next election. If Pakistan manage to reform for the presidential election that could be our revolutionary step for the future of Pakistan. Let’s stop depending on American and Saudi’s lobbies and their secretion dictation. We should join Great group of 5 Russia, China, Turkey, Iran and Pakistan. If this group of powers united, the new world order would be ours. We are great country, great potential with full of blessing and majority of young population. Pakistan has great agricultural lands with the blessing of all weathers all year round we have rivers, mountains and 1500 miles coastal belt. We only need sincerest leadership without any prejudice, above of all the ethnic or religious beliefs. Only one option that is ‘Be Pakistani and true Pakistani’. In this way, we shall find the way out of all our problems. Believe it!