Imran Khan briefs British Parliamentarians about Pakistan situation and corruption, praises Army and CJP


LONDON: Imran Khan, Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has informed a section of British Parliamentarians about the prevailing situation in Pakistan especially the corruption committed by certain politicians.

LONDON: PTI Chief Imran Khan British Parliament at Portcullis House on Monday. The host Rehman Chishty MP and Barrister Yasmin Qureshi MP are sitting with him. (Nation picture)

In a meeting called by Conservative Member of Parliament Rehman Chishty at Portcullis House on Monday, Imran Khan shed the light on various issues and challenges being confront by the country and said that the corruption is a curse for Pak society and he is striving his best to eradicate this menace and bring the culprit into court.
“The former rulers looted the country indiscriminately and now the country has reached in a sad situation where it has no option except to beg other countries and institutions which a matter of great shame for us”, he said while referring Panama case and other scams.

“We are in process of holding general elections and we are convinced that the elections would be held on time, free and fair and no looter or dacoit will succeed”, Imran Khan adding We are going through consultation for setting up the caretaker government before the next general elections but name of a unanimous caretaker prime minister has not finalised yet.
Imran Khan said, “The provincial and federal caretaker governments of 2013 were formed behind closed doors, noting that it held ‘unfair elections’. That is why consultation is required for the caretaker setup this time.” Imran Khan said that PTI would not form any alliance with ‘money launderers and thieves’ and the party will begin its election campaign on April 29, 2018. He appreciated the Pakistan Army’s stance of supporting democracy and said that it’s for first time that Army is supporting democracy in the country.
Furthermore, he also asked about the means Nawaz Sharif used to acquire properties abroad. He remarked, “Nawaz Sharif admitted to owning four flats in London after the Panama Papers case.” “But how did Sharif, a three-time prime minister, get the money to buy four flats in London? Nawaz Sharif should explain how he sent money abroad to buy flats in London” he added. He further added, “The discovery of illegal money turned democracy into a threat for Nawaz Sharif, he is staging a drama now. He knows he has been caught now.”
Chairman PTI supported the Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP), saying, “Justice Saqib Nisar’s recent actions are due to other departments not doing their own work properly”. Responding to a question fielded by M. Afzal MP on Kashmir issue, Imran Khan categorically stated that relations between Pakistan and India can’t be normalised until the Kashmir issue is resolved. “We can do trade, exchange of delegations and other CBMs once the Kashmir issue and nothing can be achived positively sans peaceful solution to this imbroglio”, he emphasised. Barrister Yasmin Qureshi, Imran Choudhry, M. Yasin and other parliamentarians were present at the meeting.