Helen Goodman calls out Govt evasiveness on Rohingya Muslims

Helen Goodman MP

LONDON: On the eve of a Westminster Hall debate on Myanmar’s Muslim minority (on 16th April), Helen Goodman MP, Shadow Foreign Ministers peaking on behalf of Her Majesty’s Opposition, expressed Labour’s frustration with the Government’s approach in dealing with the sexual violence being committed against the Rohingya. She said: “The Government have only deployed 2 of the over 70 available PSVI [Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative] experts to the region. We have been challenging them on sending more since last November, but they have been very evasive on the issue in official correspondence, as well as in parliamentary debates”.
Goodman also revealed that she recently met with United Nations officials to discuss the situation of the Rohingya: “I went to New York last week to discuss with the United Nations the situation of the Rohingya. I was very pleased to learn that the UN Security Council is going to make a visit to the region, asit is clearthat there will be no sustainable solution in the region unless there is significant pressure on the Myanmar government to implement the recommendations of Kofi Annan’s Rakhine Advisory Commission, in particular on citizenship.
“We do not want to validate the exodus, but returns need to be voluntary, safe and dignified. In the meantime, the humanitarian situation is urgent due to the impending monsoon season”, she added.