Pakistan protests over restriction of diplomats movement in Washington


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has recorded its protest with the United States over restriction of diplomat’s movement. Reliable sources told Online Islamabad dispatched a letter to Washington. Sources added that the development came into being after Pakistan Government and judiciary recorded strong protest over the death of a youngster hit by American Military Attaché Col. Joseph in Islamabad. It is expected that the name of Col. Joseph will be put on ECL.
The letter stated that as per the Vienna Convention, Pakistani diplomats should be given respect. Pakistan wants to establish ties with the United States on equal bases.
In response to this, the United States placed “reciprocal restrictions” on the movement of Pakistani diplomats in the country from May 1, forcing them to stay within 40km of the city they are posted in.
Diplomatic sources said that Pakistani staff is being monitored and their calls and movement are being recorded following the incident of Colonel Joseph.
Reliable sources said that Pakistan assured the United States that the case of Colonel Joseph will be dealt as per the law.
It is vital to mention here that Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Thomas Shannon confirmed restriction of Pakistani diplomats.