If diplomats have their rights then Pakistanis have their own rights too: IHC


ISLAMABAD: Judge of Islamabad High Court (IHC) Justice Amir Farooq has remarked while reprimanding Deputy Secretary of Interior Ministry on the matter of killing of Ateeq Baig being hit by car of an American citizen ” if he is a diplomat, he will be the diplomat of his own country and if diplomats have rights then Pakistanis have their own rights.
He further remarked “Interior Ministry should stop playing committee”. A single member bench of IHC led by Justice Amir Farooq took up the case of death of a Pakistani citizen in a traffic incident for hearing here on Wednesday.
At the inception of hearing of the case , Deputy Secretary Interior appeared on behalf of Interior Ministry and informed the court that according to police report Col Joseph was arrested on imaginary basis.
The Judge inquired that there is no clause of imaginary arrest in the constitution. If he was arrested, bail process should have taken place. Sectary of Interior Ministry told the court regarding putting the name of Col Joseph in ECL that his name has been forwarded to committee for placing in ECL .
The judge while expressing resentment remarked that Interior Ministry will play committee committee now. “Think as a Pakistani, if he is a diplomat he will be the diplomat of his own country”, he added. The court ordered to put the name of Col Joseph in the ECL within five days and directed to present the report on next hearing. The court has adjourned the further hearing regarding the matter of putting the name of Col Joseph in ECL till 24th April.
It has to be mentioned here that Col Joseph who was riding a car of American Embassy in the area Kohsar of Islamabad Police station hit a motor bike while breaking the signal due to which a young man Ateeq Baig died on the spot.